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  1. This is a person who doesn’t understand how punctuation works, but I’m supposed to believe that they understand how the human body works?

  2. Good, all of this has roots in something much bigger than parade permissions from corrupt governments: you can’t take that pride away.

  3. You can try, but even in Taliban run Afghanistan women still march for their rights. Even in Iran.

  4. My understanding is water cannot penetrate all layers of skin, though superficial layers will have their cells hydrated. So, it would relieve the dry mouth temporarily, depending on how dehydrated you are. I believe it takes 5 minutes for water to begin hydrating beyond the skin layer via standard ingestion process.

  5. The water will also hydrate any dried saliva/mucous, and possibly stimulate more salivation. That will make it feel like your mouth has been hydrated/refreshed.

  6. A trade deficit is the value of your exports minus your imports coming out negative, it just means you import more from a given country or in general, than you export. National debt is the debt held publicly and privately, usually in the form of bonds of varying lengths and values, by a country.

  7. The walls are closing in on Hungary and Orban, he can talk all he wants, but the money is going to dry up. Orban’s regime minus the billions it gets back from the EU is a waking corpse.

  8. The most boring, milquetoast punchline of a store did this to her tiny brain?

  9. While true, the UAE and Saudi Arabia aren’t exactly high on the list of offenders, they’re just notable for being unusually rich for how little they apparently care about the issue.

  10. If we stop talking about trashy people, the articles stop.

  11. Unfortunately it’s a self-sustaining ecosystem of trashy people engaging with trashy people.

  12. Whoever snitched on those vets should be dragged out and fed to rabid hamsters.

  13. Teachers are a lot more likely to be pedos. I think we should all assume they are and treat them accordingly.

  14. Do teachers routinely shuffle each other around to hide their abuse, as part of an international organization of abusers, for decades?

  15. Prove it then, I eagerly await the revelation of this vast and powerful organization which we both know simply doesn’t exist.

  16. Throwing a tantrum over what you imagine people would say about a fucking cartoon is sad. That’s inćel levels of sad.

  17. You should probably read the article first, that tends to help before you decide that everyone is a neo-nazi.

  18. It’s an interesting report, but I expected something… more. I expected abuse, examples of employment being denied, but instead it was just a lot of, “People have stereotypical notions about Muslims” with a bit of, “Stop judging Muslim women by the headscarf, also let them wear it to work.”

  19. Let's see if any news channel dares to use the title "Shiite is about to hit the fan"

  20. I don’t know about channels, but the British tabloids will be all over it.

  21. I agree. I mostly just feel really bad about this whole situation. We can all agree that this is not normal, but I get the feeling that something horrible happened to her being close to a man in a bathroom.

  22. Get ready for a huge plot twist:

  23. Oh, she's just absolutely nuts for no reason. I am absolutely shocked that she's experienced no abuse whatsoever, because I can't imagine anything else that could have triggered this level of extreme paranoia.

  24. Yeah I’m still reeling tbh, she must be completely whacko.

  25. I have to be honest, I hadn’t scrolled down and I was ready to rip OP for being an insensitive ass and posting someone’s cry for help here… then I saw the reply.

  26. Being terminal doesn’t give you the right to harm some poor animal on your way out.

  27. The Starlink satellites are in quite a low orbit, so any debris would eventually deorbit and self-dispose in Earth's atmosphere.

  28. Kessler Syndrome has to be one of those most popularly misunderstood and overblown conjectures these days.

  29. It'll probably be worryingly warmer than usual due to increasing climate change, and they are priming us to think that'll be good news.

  30. No offense, but virtually everything you just said was wrong.

  31. Once again, vibes of WW2's eastern front. Russian gonna be russian.

  32. It’s interesting, if anyone should know how enraged a defender become when they come across evidence of atrocities against their people, it’s the Russians. Bloody hypocrite Russians.

  33. yeah dude legalizing cocaine, meth & heroine isnt going to fix this.

  34. Prohibition of drugs hasn’t made inroads in eliminating addiction and abuse, it just created criminal empires. In the same way that Alcohol causes a lot of harm, but prohibiting it only created the likes of Al Capone.

  35. this is stupid, they're still ruthless and willing to kill, whether or not their product is legal

  36. As I said elsewhere, how can you argue that with a straight face when we already know the history of alcohol prohibition in the US? When you cut the money, the rest dries up until it’s manageable. Organized crime with the wealth of a nation is impossible to deal with. Organized crime that has to run the usual rackets is far from that.

  37. I heard that perfluorocarbon gas is anti-inflammatory, is that true?

  38. I’ve never heard of any evidence supporting that, but I’d be interested to read any new papers that may have come out.

  39. Absolutely nothing, unless they were subjected to ONLY breathing that and therefore asphyxiated from lack of Oxygen. The entire point of PFC’s is that they’re incredibly inert, and in fact going back decades there have been attempts to use liquified PFC’s to create liquid breathing systems.

  40. Let guess, you’re American and never even traveled beyond your home state?

  41. Mit dem Angriff Steiners wird das alles in Ordnung kommen.

  42. I’m not being haughty, I’m thinking of all 8 billion of us, not just you.

  43. No, you’re thinking of the .00001% of people who are looking through telescopes.

  44. What do you think all that science and astronomy is for, to get pretty pictures? It isn’t being done for the sole benefit of the people doing it, anymore than any scientist is just working for their own benefit. You’re just making excuses to justify what you want, not what you need, and to cover for how little you care about anything else. I mean more power to you, it gets you karma I guess, but Jesus Christ.

  45. It will be cheaper than Biden's student loan forgiveness. The loan forgiveness is an expenditure with zero return, btw.

  46. It’s a similar idea too, it isn’t a true dollar for dollar value, and it’s spread out over decades.

  47. I feel noticed/personally attacked.

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