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Stormy Seas 😳

It's local election season in the US! Make your voice heard in state and local elections.

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It's local election season in the US! Make your voice heard in state and local elections.

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  1. What about scopolamine patches? Ask your MD about that when you have your appt.

  2. This is what our deck/stew uses and it seems to be the way!

  3. Is that the 2018 Sony III? Can you share what a person who spends USD $3.5 mill on a boat is like?

  4. Professionally I would never comment on an individual client.. I’m not bound by any NDA, I just ethically won’t do it.

  5. Ooo I know who this is!!! 👋🏽👋🏽😊 We’re still in the islands, send our best! ❤️

  6. I believe she was purchased by maybe Ronstan? And is currently being refitted with their equipment to be used as a show boat for the company.

  7. She was purchased in March of last year and has since completed a refit showcasing a new Hall rig and boom, EC6 rigging and a fresh suite of North cruising and racing sails among numerous other upgrades. She will make her racing debut in St.Barths in just under a months time!

  8. Quick Technical question. How does the backstay work on this boat?

  9. The backstay (among most other sailing functions) is a hydraulic ram.

  10. Shake it more than three times and you’re playing with it…

  11. He was slurring before he even got hit…

  12. What a waste of a few minutes…

  13. Mystic CT Almost all of Penobscot Bay in Maine (Camden, Rockland, Rockport, Brooklin, Belfast, Castine) Newport RI

  14. Wait a freaking min.. U mean to tell me they have a bj Drive thru???

  15. I believe that’s a drive-by blowing..

  16. Moms quietly proud… the chuckle 💥

  17. Anyone else think Ted should just go home and shut up?

  18. Someone come get your grandad, he’s drunk.

  19. His field of fucks to harvest is barren..

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