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Went to yoga tonight, AMA!!!

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  1. Yeah right that’s why he’s crying. Not because you put a two year old in a baby sling psycho.

  2. This is not NYC mom stuff, they use strollers.

  3. I used to do Bikram Yoga in London and some sessions could be like this, someone's feet practically touching your head. Horrible.

  4. He could hire a Jane Fonda impersonator.

  5. The question is, did she get a new pair of leggings or is there something growing now.

  6. yep, i know a KK too. her first name is kendall and her last name starts with K

  7. 3 Women is based on a dream Robert Altman had.

  8. Copy and paste answer for when I see this question:

  9. The child exploitation is horrific. For example, shoving her nipples into a baby’s mouth when she doesn’t lactate.

  10. Or bringing a baby to an interview where you cry and apologize like your husband should’ve a year ago and then exploit your oldest child for sympathy. I really wish I hadn’t watched that.

  11. What? 😂 Just because it’s legal doesn’t mean it’s not drugs

  12. Or just go on a forum cuz people are so fucking rude here 🤷🏻‍♀️

  13. Kelly Preston's death really didn't attract much press coverage. I only found out about it a couple of weeks ago. I was saddened, especially for their youngest child. In a ten year time frame, John Travolta lost his son and his wife. That's very sad.

  14. His son died from a seizure in the bathtub because Scientologists don’t believe in seizure medication. He was 15. It’s very sad but it’s the predictable outcome of horrible life choices. I feel awful for their beautiful daughter. I’m having trouble with sympathy for him. I sound like such a bitch but I’m just… don’t join a cult. 🤷🏻‍♀️

  15. I totally get what you mean. It IS tragic.

  16. I’m even more confused now than I was before lol I can’t even follow what’s happening. Well, sorry it didn’t work out. I didn’t realize there was such drama.

  17. It was someone who started lying. Big time drama. I just haven’t been on the Discord so I don’t know what’s up. This fraudulent person was IP blocked by Reddit so that’s not an issue anymore.

  18. Please rest and feel better soon! 🥒

  19. I want a musical from Tarantino. Does that count? They say every director has a musical in them. I’d be very interested to see his. It doesn’t have to have every word sung I’d much prefer it didn’t but I would watch what would probably be a bloated mess of a musical and so would a lot of other people who enjoy experimental film. My dad longs for Stanley Kubrick to make a musical and combine his two great loves but I’ll reach for someone alive. (Please don’t mention this to Wes Anderson, I can’t sit through it and I’ll be forced. I fell asleep sober during the French Dispatch.)

  20. The French Dispatch was my least favorite Wes Anderson, but I love most of his other movies

  21. Me too. It was just so boring. I was bummed.

  22. I think it looks super weird on Chrissy because she has a wide jaw. The cheek fat made her face look proportional. But now she’s got a quagmire jaw

  23. Her cheeks are too big and prominent. They’re real too so just leave it alone?

  24. It has a lot to do with placement though if your cheekbones are higher up then so are the fat pads. Chrissy up there has some of the highest cheekbones I’ve ever seen. And now she looks like Black Chyna. Her cheekbones are way too prominent for this to look good.

  25. I know right!? I think that's what I'm going to go with, plus I've met him now and I think it fits. Screw what grandmas think!

  26. What yoga studio was she subbing for? New Vibe?

  27. Larry sashays in with her leggingos and slippers, trying to get everyone to stand on their head. Those poor people have been through hell and now they're wondering... tf kind of country is this??

  28. Are there a lot of ICE detainees in New York City that I’m unaware of? I’m sorry for my ignorance here.

  29. She has a son. Have we heard about Andros reaction to this news? Why is Alec such a fucking coward. If he’s living with this every day the only sign is his rapid aging. Am I supposed to be concerned about his mental health? Idgaf, you don’t act like this. Put your considerable money where your mouth is and pay for her kid’s life out of your own pocket. That’s what a man would do.

  30. Not only that she gave birth seven weeks ago... but that it's been back to back pregnancies for almost a decade! She's so full of shit it's mind-boggling. She doesn't even know what that would do to her body (nor did she ever care to find out). And keep in mind that she's quite the opposite of a 'fitness expert' (or 'wellness expert', 'nutritional expert' or all of the other 'expert' titles she tries to give herself)... we're talking about a profoundly lazy woman who's been headed towards skinny-fat since she met Alec, coasting on whatever muscle tone she had developed in her 20s. Only her eating disorder keeps her thin. And she's claiming that she 'bounces back' pregnancy after pregnancy... exercising and swimming and partying only weeks after 'delivering' because her doctor lets her do special things because she's so exceptional and different from every other human and the experiences that everyone else understands to be true.

  31. Yeah it’s not the 7 weeks ago for me either. It’s this is the “9th time” she’s been pregnant in a decade.

  32. Why is this lunatic slimming her lower face with filters after she paid money to make it bigger? Is this body dysmorphia that I don’t understand? Her jaw does not look like that on tv.

  33. You know that’s a Dave Chapelle joke right? About the Care Bear Stare?

  34. Jesus is that what she’s teaching her kids? No reason to ever explain your actions, you’re perfect!

  35. American Gangster has a lot of levels of that.

  36. Carolyn Rhea, all I can suggest is that you MUST NEED money because why else would you LOWER yourself to participate in this ?!?

  37. How much can they possibly be paying her?

  38. What the hell? Did Raf just throw a toy at the wall? Is this “boys will be boys” shit? I feel like I’d discipline my kids for this…

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