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  1. Tiktok is like youtube but full of admiral wankers to the max

  2. Perfectly balanced, as all things should be

  3. These fuckers can’t write for shit

  4. Against King, he used Emission (Level 1 ACOA) to keep him from taking his swords


  6. I hope not. I'm tired of admirals fighting each other. Fight some yonkos for fuck sake.

  7. Blame Oda. He ruined Greengoat's image to hype up Shanks and promote his movie.

  8. That’s what happens when you call for someone to be deplatformed; you get mass reported.

  9. Are you going to provide context to each situation? I'm sure they're not all the same.

  10. I mean they're in the same ballpark. Name one of those where Destiny wasn't in the right.

  11. Idk. I don't think you can put Trihex, Lav, Ludwig, and Bob7 in the same sentences.

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