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  1. My 15/08 order UK 512 has hit the UK. buzzing.. Now get the thing on a truck for me now!

  2. A PSA: the links in the email (deliver Tuesday, deliver to local post office) all do exactly what they say without a confirmation.

  3. I ordered this Monday and have been informed by GLS that it will be delivered today, but my doorbell has decided to stop working. So close and yet so far.

  4. Are you UK? I ordered mine on Monday got the tracking number on Tuesday and since then it’s been en route to final delivery centre…

  5. Not via Apple HomeKit as far as I know.

  6. Keep in mind Tesla roadside assistance isn’t great (at least from reports I’ve read) and they might tell you they are unable to help because it’s the weekend or they don’t have anyone nearby to assist.

  7. A manifesto/big picture policy like what you would launch during an election campaign?

  8. So the job of the opposition is purely to sit there saying “All ideas are rubbish” and wait for the general election clock to reach zero.

  9. Sorry I must have been mistaken, so you’re saying they should announce policies/ideas outside of a general election?

  10. Has this update fixed the issue with fast charging on Belkin chargers for the series 7?

  11. It seems to yes, people who were on the 8.6 beta said fast charging was working again, I also put mine on my Belkin fast charger after installing 8.6 and it seemed to work

  12. The link in the tweet doesn't seem to be live yet but both the official Doctor Who and BBC twitter feeds have posted it.

  13. And Pike with a few powerpoint slides and smoking hot eyes, resolves a centuries old conflict, as well as getting into trouble with HR.

  14. Ah, but that's the trick with it being episodic, because all it has to show is it gave them a moment of pause, they might just go back to fighting, it might take decades for them to join the Federation but Pike's job is done, and it's up to some Ceritos predecessor to do Second Contact and work out all the issues.

  15. Having this issue with my Belkin 3 in 1 fast chargering dock. Using the supplied Apple charging cable and Apple 20w charging plug works ok. There’s a thread on MacRumors to:

  16. Javid (if he had a back bone): “I wanted to maintain free testing for schools, elderly, and the NHS. Rishi doesn’t agree with protecting our vital services or indeed anything else from disruption and so you will need to pay for tests yourselves. If you have any issues of questions with this please call the helpline”

  17. Are you using any of Eero's internet filtering options?

  18. Got his name on the 'VIP Lane' list for the next Number 10 work event.

  19. Picked mine up this time last year and they honoured the valuation. Only issue I had was that car had outstanding finance they were to clear and it took them over a month to get around to paying it which was quite close to the end of the PCP agreement.

  20. You can also now apparently add a 5th icon to the shortcut bar

  21. Placed an order on an EV last night, finally making the switch. For the most part, it's going to be charged at home, so no worries there.

  22. If you haven't already get the Zap-map app (there's also the website

  23. Ability to set Eero Secure Advanced Security to profile groups rather than just the entire network.

  24. Same issue here, my Arlo Pro (1) basestation is blocked from connecting to the internet intermittently when Advanced Security is enabled.

  25. Is anyone having issues with slow or failed Siri HomeKit requests?

  26. Does anyone actually use Apples classroom stuff? All of my schools and universities use Microsoft’s services.

  27. We tried the Apple Schoolwork and Pages/Keynote/Numbers integration a few years ago but it was massively flakey with some students not getting the work shared with them.

  28. Seeing the same. Used to have Siri but now the default is back to ‘Daniel’ with Martha the only female voice and all sound like old robotic versions or Siri without the clear pronunciation.

  29. I know I’ve said this many times but I don’t know why Starmer is doing so terribly and the public dislikes him. He’s unproblematic to me and I’ve seen him a couple of times during PMQs and he was holding Johnson into account. Is his lack of charisma maybe why he’s doing so badly? Or is it the U.K. generally being very conservative the problem?

  30. People who voted for Brexit are going to vote for the party that got Brexit ’done’

  31. Seems pretty simple to me. If the developer for the building still exists they should pay for it, if they can’t afford to do it they should be wound up as insolvent. The government should then pay for any outstanding work and a tax levied to remaining developers stretched over multiple years to eventually claw the money back.

  32. Couldn't you argue it's a failure of government regulations that allowed these materials to be used in the first place? That's why it's not as simple to blame the builders to me, it's basically a big game of pointing fingers. Property owners are the only ones I'm sure shouldn't be paying it.

  33. I guess it depends on the building failures.

  34. Why do the people on the bottom left look like they're phasing in.

  35. Looks like image 3 was originally a before and after photo as the things to the left of the men are modern day plastic road barriers!

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