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  1. I assume it means that no matter the circumstances, humans will always fight wars. Even after seeing it decimate the world

  2. Go to exotic places, meet interesting people, commit vast amounts of warcrimes and never be prosecuted for it.

  3. (Except for when the enemies frame you)

  4. My man actually thinks we live in fucking Ace Combat or something 💀

  5. Welp I'm playing Crystal for the first time and I regret on clicking on the spoiler. But I deserve it

  6. Well, if it helps you feel better, they don't reveal it in Crystal, but rather in HGSS

  7. Probably they would all just end up as friends, chatting about their common interest.

  8. And then redditors a hundred years later will argue over who invented the plane

  9. Which was not the case as they had assistance of strong winds and a launcher

  10. Damn, I didn't know that the F/A 18, the F 14, and F 35 aren't planes. You learn something new every day

  11. 4, Handmade, Fixer, Tesla, and Thirst Zapper

  12. For science and math, sure. For everyday life? Not really

  13. All I can think of when I see the bloody claw marks on the armor is Ace Combat 7

  14. Browning. If my name is changed to a gun designer's, might as well go with the best

  15. Live fairly close to the Pacific (~a mile, 1.59 km) have been to the Atlantic

  16. I'm hoping this leads to a complete overhaul of weapon balance, damned wishful thinking

  17. Plot twist: At the end of the game, the nukes go off, and the whole game takes place before the war

  18. When you hate the government so much that anything and everything they don't like must be good, that's probably when you should reflect upon what led you there. Not saying government's good, but these people are absurd

  19. Why is East Germany Authcenter? Shouldn't it be Authleft?

  20. Delfino Square? June 4th, 1989? Nope, nothing happened at all. Absolutely nothing.

  21. Says the guy who arbitrarily capitalized "can't"

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