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Louisiana hospital denies abortion for fetus without a skull

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  1. "Nooo wait don't show your actual position until after the election!" Deranged

  2. It's so weak and also super dishonest. They want politicians to lie to the public and pretend they are not going to do something before doing it, basically undermining the democratic will of the voters.

  3. Huh so more people voting is bad for Republicans and even Republican voters are admitting it now? Just one more step, they are almost there to realizing voter disenfranchisement is real.

  4. My thoughts exactly. Or the ones literally torturing people at the border and unjustly imprisoning them or letting their children die.

  5. It was a deliberate trap or extreme incompetence. I'm not sure which is more likely.

  6. This is the kind of cases we will see becoming commonplace due to overturning Roe v Wade. This should’ve been the argument for keeping it. Now we’ve inhibited doctors from being able to do the right thing for their patient.

  7. The arguments have never mattered. Religious fundamentalists wanted abortion gone so they did it.

  8. Disliking someone doesn’t need to make sense. Sometimes it’s just a natural feeling. I’ve hated some people the very second I met em and never stopped despite it not being warranted.

  9. If disliking someone is not warranted and doesn't make sense then that's not an argument in support of disliking someone but against it.

  10. I am not asking you for a debate. I am asking you to make rational arguments for your beliefs.

  11. Nah. They settled. It's the American way. Paid peanuts compared to what they pilfered.

  12. No wonder this happens again and again. The punishment for these huge scams is so light it's not a deterrent and it's still profitable to scam people. It's more like a tax - annoying but not a reason to stop. At this point it feels like the government is encouraging it.

  13. She is fine with the LG and B, the T is the one she had left a problem with.

  14. It's drones. Not Western weapons.

  15. The front is 250km+ away, north of Kherson.

  16. person claims they owe 93k but they have insurance and it's 2.8k. they post these things and act like they don't have insurance.

  17. The state letting someone who attempted suicide to walk away immediately the next morning is highly negligent. They could try to hurt themselves or others again. Suicide attempts require care by a team of physicians for a period of time until they are not deemed at-risk. This is for the benefit of the patient and to cover the liability for the local government, hospital, and doctors.

  18. $4000 is very unreasonable. A suicidal person who sees that bill may try again if they know they can't afford it.

  19. Fun Fact: In den USA sind nicht einmal die Pommes vegan. (edit: Beim McDonalds)

  20. Pff that's nothing. Come back when Sam Seder wants to talk to you, like he asked me.

  21. i just hope he does a discussion panel between billionaires and poor people. maybe they can come together to move Forward and figure it out?

  22. As a famous non-socialist centrist said: Always forward, never backwards!

  23. maybe it is just a legit question from yang? Cause i don't think he ever had to live from paycheck to paycheck or worry about rent

  24. It's not that bizarre. The Offer came out a few months ago and as a result other related news will be created.

  25. Are you sure she would have received the same reaction if she had accepted the award?

  26. Claims to be a super power. Needs mercenaries to fight smaller neighbour…

  27. am i wrong? literally in the clip you post she goes on to say her problem is Prostasia advocating to destigmatize pedophilia. literally the thing she has a problem with hunter for. fucking SDS.

  28. Literally in the clip she accuses Hunter of advocating for the destigmatization of child rape when all he said he wants is non offending pedophiles to get help, the SAME thing she said in the video clip.

  29. It's pretty clear that Republicans never actually cared about Hillary's emails beyond their use as a cudgel to rile up their base. They were pretty silent when Ivanka's email scandal popped up.

  30. They don't want to care. GOP voters watch their right wing news, are actively being misinformed but are still satisfied with what they see because it confirms what they believe and they don't want to look further and that's it.

  31. If it's bad now an open war would be so much worse unfortunately. A lot more innocent civilians will be killed in the crossfire. Basically starting what would be equivalent to a civil war is much more damaging. It's easy to say just kill them all but there will be many major consequences of that.

  32. If they become legal corporations, which is funny because the Cali Cartel in Colombia were trying to do exactly that. Why would anyone be against it, if they stopped killing people and just became legal business entities, it's better than the alternative.

  33. That is assuming they would stop the killing and not just open up a legal front while continuing to commit crimes and murder in the background.

  34. They spiked because conservatives were actively encouraging this behaviour.

  35. These are not all interactions. The creators admits as much in reply to one comment explaining how it's more than one.

  36. In fairness what are VAR supposed to do here? They can’t give a free, that’s out of their power, and it’s not a red card. Nothing they could do here really

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