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  1. No hate, except when we play them. Like to see them do well otherwise

  2. Gotta remember… they are dogs. Some smells are to good not to pass up for a second or two

  3. He tracked down Martha and enjoyed being a husband and a father again

  4. You gotta piss with the dick you got. There’s no shame dink passes to Dillon. Let’s fucking go!

  5. He’s a rah rah coach. Grown men ain’t going to buy into that college rah rah

  6. Don't overthink it. Get a simple Remington 870 and get out and enjoy while you learn and figure out what else you'd like. Something like an 870 is a great beginner gun where you won't feel bad getting it wet/dirty.

  7. “Notre dameuhhhhhhh what happeneduhhhhhhhh how’d u lose to USCuhhhhhhh better luck next year” does that remind u of anyone

  8. Jesus, no. Do you live under a rock? OJ is way more well known and loved for his supporting role in the Naked Gun films than anything else he has done.

  9. You said everything went wrong on your first hunt? It sounds to me like you made good memories. To me hunting waterfowl, upland or big game is about the time outdoors, being with family & friends, making good memories & stories. The kill is the bonus of the hunt. Keep having fun !!

  10. Well, if they fire Hackett I seriously doubt they they will keep Kubiac as OC

  11. God hates the Broncos. No other explanation.

  12. No worries friend. I'm nearly a year sober! (Which is why I'm versed on the topic)

  13. Meth and fentanyl. Maybe a bit of heroin or oxycodone in the mix. Nothing high strangeness about this, just some drug addicts.

  14. Caleb Williams has just solved the homelessness problem in L A

  15. What?? Holding … is that allowed to be called on SC?

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