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  1. Wow John Clayton was right. Then he said his report was wrong, which ended up being wrong. He’s one of a kind.

  2. He’s using the Mac approach. Playing both sides so that he always comes out on top!

  3. This is getting downvoted to oblivion but people are still voting? Lol

  4. It truly is a toxic dump. I joined last year and that lasted a whole 3 days before I left. Just the absolute worst type of people shitting on each other. Makes this sub look like rainbows and butterflies lol

  5. I haven’t got one yet but I’m planning on getting a 2021 Illusions hobby box. Those look like a very good box to open.

  6. Give him a handlebar mustache, mullet and the yinzers will cream their britches!

  7. Are you sure its not the waterspiders? They can make your skin crawl

  8. Seeing as that’s Mighty Molly and the Hurricane, I’d say that’s definitely 2001, maybe 02, so that would’ve been when Stewart was the biggest deal he ever was. And knowing how Steeler Nation is, that could’ve been any city.

  9. As long as the chiefs, bucs, bungels, and niners don’t win it I’ll be happy… either rams or bills. Preferably rams so Weddle gets a ring and all the clowns fans cry when OBJ gets one too 😂

  10. Well…whatever odds we had of landing Rodgers this off-season just doubled. It’s now 2%

  11. Thanks! I was just saying how horrible these Contenders boxes are and then I pulled this lol

  12. “Now here’s a guy that has that killer instinct and getaway speed”

  13. The most overrated offensive lineman of all time. browns fans ride his jock because he never missed games but I remember him getting embarrassed by Jarvis Jones on multiple occasions

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