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The Los Angeles Lakers score 12 points in the 1st quarter to the Raptors, the least the Lakers have ever scored in a 1st quarter in their team history

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  1. He won the city of Los Angeles an championship after Kobe's untimely passing. Dude deserves more than this bullshit.

  2. Y'all read into things too much it's not healthy. Y'all gotta realized basketball isn't their whole life's. People can't make jokes or laugh in public because the team isn't performing well? If you have a bad week at work do you sulk in your home all day over the weekend ? Relax

  3. Agree. But it's funny that now I think of basketball to them is like work to us.

  4. But, but this team is lead the GOAT, currently leading the team in scoring, who is known for making his teammates better.

  5. Hope Kuz can improve his handles next season. And then, he will be even more dangerous when attacking the rim, also his turnovers will be also down. I see lots of his turnovers are from inaccurate passes but with bright ideas and from high and loose dribbling skills.

  6. Longest drought since ‘09 but whatever. And even when he was scoring (and he scored a lot for us at Juventus) it was mostly meaningless as he contributed zero to anything else and it’s even more evident now at United because of PL pace.

  7. I don't think scoring goals can contribute zero to anything. So I think you over exaggerate a bit and have negative feeling about him.

  8. Kuz was tired in the second half. It’s too much of a burden to cover for TB on defense. So glad we got KP, he’s gonna be a huge plus for us at both ends of the floor.

  9. Agreed. I don't know why people were so hyped about TB's return. I saw him on Lakers, not very athletic or strong to be a average center on O or D. If his 3s don't fall in at around 40%, I think he'll play oversea in 4 years.

  10. Kuz's composure when playing the whole game surprised me the most lately. Multiple critical threes and successfully defending MVP candidate in clutch time is the proof.

  11. I love getting hype after a win, but dinwiddie had more shots then points. I wouldn’t say he lead us to the win

  12. I'm surprised that he had 10 assists because I saw most of his passes that lead to made shot due to the other guys, not thanks to him. Most of the time, he dribbled, dribbled and pass, not set up lays at all.

  13. And he was only catching fire in 2nd half, not really involved in the offense in 1st one. I noticed when Beal and Dinwiddie lead the offense, Kuzma always looks like passive in the corner.

  14. Russell's was vicious, but I don't like what his left hand did to Gobert. Kuz's was clean, I prefer that.

  15. Kuz usually doesn't play like this in the earlier of this season, I don't know why. Or he's kind of passive or the game plan is like that.

  16. I was god damn right. He's consistently great lately with his new (old) way of driving to the hoop.

  17. Kuzma is really fucking good for a 28th pick.

  18. Wilt, West, Magic, Kareem, Shaq, Kobe, LeBron

  19. Kuz, KCP and Caruso could have done something on defense against JJJ and Bane though.

  20. If that were me, when I steped closer to see how deep the paintings were and I were blind.

  21. Really the only downside to Trezz is his defense against bigger guys. I notice when he’s in, he doesn’t really go for blocks like Gafford does. He also sometimes doesn’t box out well and that was evident in this game. Don’t get me wrong, I love Trezz but just wish he showed a little more effort on the defensive end.

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