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  1. This is such a death blow to the EU federalists. I have always known that push comes to shove, it will be an American standing side by side with me if Bornholm was invaded, not a German or Spaniard.

  2. I feel like something is off. It seems like an awful lot of countries are preparing for war. NATO is being called by everyone.

  3. Two and a half fascists running at the head of this election already but all he knows how to do is tack right again and again. Uninspiring stuff.

  4. I too have invested in Endeavor, I suppose I shall fix it from within as well.

  5. $20 Billion in market cap - you need at least a billion to even sit at the shareholder meeting

  6. A billion to sit at shareholders meeting? Who told you that? That is not true.

  7. #BREAKING Russian, Ukranian officials to meet in Paris Wednesday: Macron aide

  8. Dana should've responded to Jake with this clip rather than that embarrassing clip he came out with. We can still argue about whether to increase the bonuses and whether he is right but at least he is trying to make a point.

  9. This story is like 9 months old? It's weird it's getting posted a lot again today.

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