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  1. It's the closest the Trump camp has come to draining a swamp.

  2. John Oliver is a fucking National treasure even though he’s a former Brit lol

  3. I see, sounded like this was your first Rolex. At the moment they’re hard to get of course, they’re brand new and hyped. In a year they will be at retail. Yellow gold two tone - would be the first two tone trade over retail in the long run

  4. Bullshit these will never sell for retail, even a Bluesy doesn’t sell for retail.

  5. Speedy is great… but I’d much rather have a sub and gmt

  6. They certainly think that but the bracelet on the SMP is trash compared to the sub or gmt

  7. Gonna be hilarious to see them try to cancel apple

  8. I think you’re right. I think it’s a combination of not being able to flip for profit and I think money is getting tighter for some folks. Personally I use the 10% rule when buying anything luxury or making a down payment. No more than 10% of what I got in liquid savings. Some people aren’t like this and I think it’s starting to hit some people

  9. Good rule to live by… and let’s face it most nowadays would not be able to make that happen. A $10,250 sub would require north of $100k in savings.

  10. On chrono24, the Yachmaster is around 8.5k retail. Does that mean you have $85,000 in your savings account?

  11. Newer references are closer to $13k - $14k… and I have much more than that saved in high yield accounts. I personally think the 10% rule is a good one.

  12. For a “witch hunt” they sure do seem to be catching a whole lot of fucking witches lol

  13. What do you think about the five-link bracelet? I’m considering a BB58 and until I get a chance to try one on I like getting this sub’s opinions

  14. Tbh the quality is incredible. I can’t tell the difference between it and a Rolex jubilee. It has t-fit as well so it’s super adjustable. I asked for the red one but they’re holding it for a bit to show clients

  15. Is your smiley a lot thinner than the new issue?

  16. Smiley is definitely thinner in total… but the mid case has been slimmed a lot on the new one. The case back is thicker to make up for that.

  17. A dig on cashing in on the family name? From an organization that applauds a guy who tried to brand everything from steaks to vodka with his own name?

  18. Everyone one of these halfwits accusations is a confession. It’s not like former guys company was called the Trump Org or anything 🤣

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