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  1. Parking aside, if a Jaguar is a "wannabe" luxury car to you, what then would qualify? Maybach or GTFO?

  2. This is northern VA, these $50k “luxury” CUV’s are a dime a dozen here and are leased on the cheap. It can’t be luxury if it’s common.

  3. Being rare is not what defines something as a luxury car. Mercs and BMWs are all over the place as well. Are you seriously going to argue they are not real luxury vehicles as well?

  4. You’re entitled to your own opinion but in this case your opinion is wrong. Scarcity and price are of course a defining component of luxury. Is a 2 series bmw luxury? Is a Mercedes A class luxury? Is a $50k ford pickup luxury? Not all BMW’s and Merc’s qualify if they’re common and cheap. Your definition says they are.

  5. I wish sane customers and fully-charged cattle prods to all retail workers

  6. This is a great idea that should be implemented in many crowded places!

  7. Hope they sleep with one eye open for the rest of their lives!

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