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  1. Inb4 he's found mysteriously dead because the CIA said so

  2. Amazingly Roman Reigns, I hated his title run and all this with Sami has got me thinking "hol' up let him cook" I like him alot more now

  3. Yeah they usually charge I just dump all the cash in the self service check out cash slot. Does the same thing but no charge and some poor sod on the checkouts doesn't have to count it all. I paid about £7 in 1s 2s 5s and 10s before

  4. I'd love to do that but my local has card only self checkouts

  5. I mean I use a knife like this in my lunchbox to cut apples.

  6. Not sure how his page is convincing. The photos with checks are HEAVILY photoshopped , he has no friends , no likes . Hes just posted some pics. Sadly i have some friends who have DOZENS of the diesel brother accounts on their friends lists and they constantly comment on their posts saying they have "won"

  7. Yeah I have the sense not to go giving my details out.

  8. Was thinking that. His page is convincing though. But he requires my card details to make a $1 charge which I ain't doing

  9. I wish Baron Corbin would go back to a gimmick like this, I can't stand him in his current form.

  10. Between things like this and the pink floyd 50 year tweet I think we've reached a time when people only recognize the rainbow as a gay symbol.

  11. Like shit during that whole 2020 illness thingey. Our National Health Service started using a rainbow in their advertising, because a rainbow comes after a storm. To say we're gonna get through this, and of course a certain people got very publicly offended about it.

  12. WElp sorry Netflix looks like its the pirates life for me then.

  13. Blading isn’t an exact science. She did it early in the match, if I remember correctly, and did a LOT of high impact moves, leading to an elevated heart rate and increased blood pumping through her veins. Maybe the cut was a little deep, but it didn’t appear too gnarly, nor have I heard she needed stitches or anything. Sometimes it just be that way

  14. Plus from what I hear as you start sweating during the match that blood mixes with the sweat and really starts to look like a crimson mask

  15. check windows event viewer after your next BSOD, and look for all items labeled "critical" within 5 minutes of the BSOD. record those and send those over.

  16. can you post a screenshot like this in the "system" tab before your system BSODs? you can find it by searching for the time of the crash, and then posting that screenshot here.

  17. Thats a sausage bap, any other answer is wrong.

  18. If it's not long enough to reach a ponytail then leave it loose. Go to a barber to have it trimmed enough to make a style so you don't look like a sheepdog, but pick a style that let's it be as long as possible.

  19. Yeah I get the keep it neat bit but it sounds counter productive to cut the hair if I'm trying to grow it surely?

  20. Blue screen of death (STOP error) information in dump files. (

  21. It appears updating drivers has resolved the issues. I only experienced one hard crash playing Hell Let Loose that completely restarted my rig. No blue screen just a restart.

  22. I liked Punk, still do. I loved his original Pipebomb promo and I hope he can come back to AEW and get put into a feud with the Elite because that's money right there. I know there's real heat there but Tony should just throw money at them and say work it out. That feud would be big money.

  23. I've only ever been in Slug and Lettuce to get pissed

  24. The maximum limit is 127 devices per USB controller iirc, but you'll reach a practical limit much sooner as devices exceed the amount of power the hub they're connected to, or multiple devices with massive I/O slow down things like file access.

  25. Wonderful, I've gone and ordered one. It was seriously bugging me that my controller wouldn't power on or my SD card reader would randomly conk out. Glad to know it was just because of a cheap extender as opposed to some random ass USB limit thanks for the advice.

  26. 7013. I fixed it, really bizarre because I used rubbing alcohol on the laser, no luck, I put it all back together again and tape the disc brake so it doesn't rub, a bit of windex on the laser this time and boom its alive again. Really bizarre behaviour

  27. Curious, are you using burned discs? The 7x and 5x are prone to the mechacon crash that can kill the laser suddnely. But if a deep clean solved your problems, maybe that was all you needed :-)

  28. Does your landlady live in the property? Are you within a fixed term?

  29. She doesn't and we're due a renewal on our tenancy which obviously we don't want rn.

  30. Escort quests when the AI is too slow.

  31. I haven't rated Corbin since his original gimmick. The poor man's been repackaged so many times and it never hits for me.

  32. There's something wrong but i dont know why. Good moveset , can talk, got heat w/ the crowd.

  33. I liked him back in 2017, just before he was King Corbin. Back when the dude had hair. Since then I can't take the dude seriously.

  34. Sorry I'm looking for WR2D? I've seen images but I have searched and searched and cannot find any mods for it.

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