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  1. I get when people aren’t interested in having kids, but I don’t understand how anybody can say they dislike kids, full stop.

  2. Everything has a spectrum. Kids behavior as well as liking kids. Perfectly okay for people to dislike kids/children/babies.

  3. I agree. Most hens (the ones I’ve babysat…yes you read that correctly) are sorta stressed around roosters. The rooster would terrorize the females and hold them down to just make his rounds every 15 mins. Maybe the rooster I babysat was just rude, but I’ve never seen a hen so relaxed around a rooster.

  4. Heavy, daily use can go even longer than a month. Especially if you have you have more fat.

  5. Real question, does this mean really overweight people would have it in their system longer?

  6. Yes. The more body fat you have the longer it takes to clear your system.

  7. Right I get that. But it is possible to be properly licensed to own a non-indigenous snake… so I don’t understand the comment about an exhibitor at the State Fair having an illegal snake.

  8. Wasn’t an exhibitor. Minyards is a grocery store NEAR an entrance. This is a dude with a cooler getting business from people that park in the grocery store lot. Not sure what you are missing here.

  9. Oh. I thought you meant IN the Fair, since that’s what this post is about. I imagine there’s dudes with way more questionable things than unlicensed snakes at the Fair Park Minyard’s! 😂

  10. Well the breed was called the Russian Wolfhound originally. You think of them as these elegant prancing dogs, but apparently they can turn it on when called upon. I have never met a single Borzoi that wasn’t reserved and dignified. They barely even seem to notice other people or dogs, in my experience. I however think the phrase “don’t start none, won’t be none” was perhaps invented for this particular sighthound. I hope he got a big steak- well done, boy.

  11. There is one that works at an animal rescue near Dallas, TX and I swear that good boy is the best. Gentle and very hesitant to scare or approach you without knowing you are comfortable. Even the lions respect him. A noble dog for sure.

  12. In Soviet Russia, normal dog kill pitbull.

  13. OP I appreciate your question because I think my family will skip it this year. I love the State Fair but the past few times we have gone it has been hot. It is mostly walking and the rides have been stagnant in selection.

  14. We are in the same boat! I've been every year since 2016, minus the COVID years, but last year we had a terrible experience. The lines were outrageous, we couldn't get on a single ride without waiting 45-60 mins, and all the stands had run out of 75% of their food items by 8PM. For the money and time invested, we are looking elsewhere!

  15. Yep! 3 years ago we got there super early, before the rides opened and food vendors were open. Spent about 2 hours waiting on some Alligator feature and Lasagna Balls. We ended up getting our tickets back because the 2 stands were not prepared and we’re blowing smoke about how long we would have to wait.

  16. I have been told in a similar situation it was the water or liquid seeping or pushing through an opening causing a sound.

  17. Me. Coffee does nothing and it makes me sluggish. Still waiting for my sense of taste to return 100%

  18. Crying! More people should learn how to sign. It makes a world of difference to those that use it as well. Even if just the alphabet.

  19. There’s a pretty good sized skate park in Farmers Branch right next to the dog park

  20. We will check it out for sure. Just about 7 minutes away.

  21. There's at least 22-23 skateparks (depending on Garland) in DFW. Here's a

  22. Does anyone know where to get the VIP tickets? I can’t find them on the website.

  23. My cousin has a few male race horses and they are NOT happy go lucky animals. They have some patience for people that are not him, the training staff or daily keepers but very little.

  24. I believe there are or used to be a kennel- like thing for if you were taking your pet somewhere else. Transatlantic maybe?

  25. I’m invested now. Someone please confirm that it’s to add volume and texture. If so I think that’s so wonderful and wish people were more on board for perms. Do what makes you look and feel good! I am on the way too many curls side of the spectrum myself. Getting my hair straight has been a lifetime struggle.

  26. I would search areas for game cafes. There was a nice one by me that was 90% board games but had a few machines in the back.

  27. They should have offered them up for sale or auction for a good cause. I would have bid for sure! Long Live Zoo McDonalds!

  28. I have lived here 20 years and literally never seen this. I do not believe you.

  29. I have not seen a gun drawn but I have seen lots of people that carry or are happy to share that they carry to anyoneZ

  30. Many posts recently about lying case workers. My only advice is when you can legally:

  31. "Your muscle enzymes are off the charts!" "Yeah man I'm really strong"

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