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  1. If you didn’t know her average weight before then it’s not possible to call her 5-6 grams underweight. Every bird is different so whilst the average for a green cheek is usually around 70-75grams it could just be your girl is a tad smaller.

  2. Just so you’re aware as someone who also works in an exotics store I was given no prior training, All of my knowledge on birds had been because I’ve actually been interested in learning and done a lot of my own research, these people aren’t vets and certainly shouldn’t be telling you your bird is underweight or to take her out less, they should be telling you to go to a vet.

  3. Now all that’s left is that never ending lifelong grin for candy

  4. Putting it as a buddy will do pretty quick work. Long distance trades with seasons with guaranteed XLs will help too.

  5. Use a flyer to get in and crypto it.Bring a hawk so when you die with a egg you keep it

  6. Now all that’s left is a ark mod for Minecraft!

  7. Wouldn't that just be the PixArk game?

  8. Yea,but that’s something different.I’m talking Minecraft

  9. I found a random ass shiny last night! A purple murkrow in the middle of a horde

  10. Same,caught one before bed two days after release

  11. They’re so tough they don’t even use handcuffs, they just hold perps by the hand to lead them to jail.

  12. Shithollery is just in big cities.If you go past that in smaller villages it can be beautiful and the people are very nice.

  13. This is giving me some confidence to pursue a similar career

  14. Yes, mostly.just don't customize your loadouts till in a match or the matchmaking may boot you out and you'll need to reconnect to the server.

  15. Idk,good for encountering them,bad for not catching

  16. The fact you had the patience to draw this says a lot about your art skills,good job!

  17. Bought it on Amazon pre order haven’t received it

  18. Call the police for assault along with sexual assault.

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