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  1. I don't remember there being blood on the spear in the theatre, I remember noticing at the time and thinking ffs they could have had some blood on it. Really took me out of the moment.

  2. She's probably thinking "Too small. If I'm driving and the steering wheel fly off? I'm toast"

  3. He won't date anyone with pronouns? Good luck finding someone who literally can not be described by human language, my dude

  4. BRB. Just putting my brushes in the bin, I'm never reaching this level.

  5. All this was done through learning and practice if you want to get there you can!

  6. Oh, I'm just being dramatic. I'm actually planning my first attempt at NMM soon. This is truly exceptional work, though.

  7. I have seen some cursed posts on here, but this feels unique. I feel legitimately sorry for their imaginary gay friends.

  8. Ah damn. I was expecting something like this but hoped it would be big enough to keep Ludwig on main.

  9. Yep. It's why any Right Wing Only social media fails. They don't want to talk to people who agree with them. They want to harass and annoy left wingers and show off to all their fascist buddies. If Twitter got split up into two sites, one only the left could see and access and one only the right could see and access, you'd have one perfect social media experience and one dystopian Mad Max hellscape full of boner pill, reverse mortgage, and buy gold ads.

  10. Aw now I feel bad, sorry. I mean, I meant everything I said, but I hope you found the argument cathartic too.

  11. The events that the sacred timeline needs to stick to are pre-defined by HWR to prevent a variant of himself being born that will one day become Kang. Any of the infinite other possible outcomes and decisions that everyone else makes are fine since the purpose of the sacred timeline is only to stop a Kang arising.

  12. Me thinking I'm going to be still subscribing to Metflix when season 3 comes out.

  13. Just after it released this sub was nothing but posts about how good it was. And rightly so.

  14. Honestly, I think it would be sadder if people had so little going on in their lives that we were all collectively continuing to obsess about one short piece of media from several months ago.

  15. Yeah reading back my comment it could look like I'm complaining that no one is talking about it anymore, I'm not, it was fully appreciated last October and I'm betting ot will be every October from now on when people have a Halloween rewatch. I know I will be.

  16. It's not particularly sugar for me, it's consuming anything, I seem to be totally incapable of savouring and taking my time with things. Cola, food, coffee, beer it's just one gulp after another till its gone.

  17. Does the membership of this sub churn so much that when this terrible meme gets spammed here every few months there is no one that remembers?

  18. Same, and the project was already remote, but I'm starting a new gig tomorrow and while I was on the market I learned how many companies are rushing to get back to the office.

  19. I'm in the UK and applied for a lot of jobs in the last few weeks. All of them were at least mostly remote, and there were plenty of roles available. There is zero good reason to move development jobs back to an office. I've worked 100% remote for 3 years and have had no issues at all

  20. Did you apply to adverts or are you talking about positions where the recruiters come to you? The latter seem to me the jobs that offer better terms (especially when they're bigger places that need to hire a bunch of people rather than 1 person for 1 specific role), maybe because they all flipped a bit saying "remotes fine just hire some people".

  21. A bit of both. I started out heavily applying on, which has some amazing companies using it, and you can really filter the search to your taste. I applied to a couple of overseas jobs through there.

  22. It's undoubtedly an influence on HPL and is a decent story in itself. I personally liked The White People by Machen better. There is something about that one that totally creeper me out, a very unsettling atmosphere.

  23. This may not be culturally relevant ( if it ever was) as its an old show now, but I'm British and my most common one is the style of dialogue from Deadwood. Kind of old-west meets Shakespeare. Also I'm English so maybe it counts as a US accent as well.

  24. Show me a centrist and I'll show you a far-right dingnut who is either in denial or actively evil and thinks that somehow just calling themselves centrist will cover their nakedly extremist actions and opinions.

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