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Dutch Supermarket Chain Opens Slower 'Chat Checkouts' In An Effort To Combat Loneliness Among The Elderly

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  1. You can categorize posts by replying to this comment.

  2. Voting is now closed. The community has decided that this post is Chad,

  3. Anyone else watched this more than 10 times?? There is so much going on..

  4. Julie Anne Peters just as an author introduced me to the LGBT community so I am forever grateful her books were at my local library.

  5. Started to see some things in more strategical view and after i could analyse some things better. So that helped in my reletionships and friendships. Saw who really was a friend and who was just acting or was not interested in our relationship and friendship

  6. What if there is a queue of old people all wanting a chat? The person at the end of the line would be waiting ages

  7. They will probably talk to each other too. It's the good old group chat

  8. When I moved to the Netherlands, I was a bit surprised that, at least in Amsterdam, there were a lot of supermarkets that wouldn't take cash, and quite a few had only self-checkout.

  9. Use the price management algo in the future or else you will get shrekt'd by market makers.

  10. If you place an order above the ask or below the bid instead of instantly filling you at that price it moves your order to the nearest most favorable price. You're basically putting your order through a filter.

  11. I don't think recently, unless its not yet reported. Both Robert (Donut Bob) Bakish (President of ViacomCBS for $500,000) and Shari Redstone (chair of ViacomCBS for $1,000,000) bought more last time it crossed $36, but that was in the downward direction. So I expect they think it's going north from here.

  12. Stopped messing around with multi thousand dollar Yolo SPY options trades. Did thorough DD and purchased mostly finance stocks that had solid valuation based on P/E and P/book. I invested about 10% if my portfolio in SPY. I also utilized margin (about 10-20k on robinhood) to buy during heavy crashes and sell during ridiculous peaks. This way I load and offload about 20% of my portfolio.

  13. Well done. Did you still use options or all stocks from that point on?

  14. It ends when Cathie puked out her entire position. That will mark the low

  15. You sold it for 24, but crossed the spread. Mark is probably higher, so your account shows this diff as an instant loss. Also, transaction fees?

  16. The mm quotes bid and offer, say 3.2 @ 3.36. the fair value (mark) is the middle, i.e. 3.28. when you pay 3.36 your broker will say you lost 8 bucks per contract because you bought something that is worth 3.28 for 3.36. if you do the same for the sale of the other option you are immediately 16$ in the hole. That's how MMs get paid for their service. Spreads can be very large/wide so you always have to pay attention to not blindly pay the asking price or sell the bid. It's worth trying out closer to the middle sometimes.

  17. Well… looks like Netflix only got the bug part right.

  18. I love how it says "do not use" lmao

  19. They don't have to in the US, so not many do. In Europe they are legally obligated to do so.

  20. Omg this happened local to me! I remember interacting with the post

  21. you took profits from a sale of a property and gambled in stocks... wow

  22. This is totally awesome and I hope one day I'll be in the position to help someone like this.

  23. If you are talking about North America, maybe so. But globally, I think you are forgetting about the Germans and the Japanese. They are currently the ones that have scaled farthest. Volkswagen is the standout in that respect. It will be very hard to compete against those.

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