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  1. It wouldn’t be the Pope as Russia was Orthodox rather than Roman Catholic. Patriarch perhaps?

  2. The explanation is not mine and belongs to the main source but I think you are right.

  3. Sea Squirts make an unusual addition to the well-established reef aquarium. The body of the sea squirt is smooth with two openings, one for intake and one for exhaust.

  4. Son of Frankenstein was intended to be shot in color and some technicolor test footage was filmed, but for artistic or budgetary reasons the plan was abandoned.

  5. I am also lazy, I love being lazy, sitting for hours writing and reading. It seems that modern human evolution has not worked for me. :neutral_face:

  6. It doesn't matter, today people don't look for anything old, they don't vote and the photo is forgotten. nothing is as before!

  7. Since this young American alligator is about 3ft (1m) I'd assume it's around 3 years old.

  8. After tracking and capturing their prey, these flatworm use the muscles in their body, as well as sticky secretions, to attach themselves to the prey and prevent an escape.

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