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Gordon Ramsay can be a nice person as well

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  1. If Chris Murphy is his lawyer he'll be alright

  2. More likely to have purchased it so Trump can use it as a campaign platform

  3. As a customer why should I pay a tip (code for bribe to get service) for you to do your job, you're not employed by me. Your employer is the one that pays you. The only reason you get a low hr rate is to fatten your bosses wallet. If he can't pay you correctly he shouldn't be running business.

  4. As a former tip worker, I think this is a bad idea. No amount of forcing will raise the hourly wage to what I made from tips.

  5. You're either working in the wrong country or working in the wrong job if you have to rely on tips

  6. Don't look at your phone at the servo all you'll blow up, but you can watch out TV's on top of the pump.

  7. If you assume that license plates are sequential

  8. They are, did you assume they were random.

  9. I know they’re not random, but the plates are truely different but just one digit

  10. Totally right and the same colour and model car ✔️

  11. Didn't Fattrell just buy a $4.3m house in South Sydney. He may not be keen to move to Qld. Bennett may need more than money to get him there.

  12. Only so they don't have to pay their employees Maternity leave.

  13. Don't be fooled, Gordon Ramsay is still a A-hole

  14. For a girl to get on the Pill for a boy to wear a condom.

  15. mmm... maybe thats how she got chicken poxs

  16. I feel like I'm in an abusive relationship with Scott Morrison he said's he's sorry, he'll change, I promise I won't be like that anymore, it's not my fault the Morrison men are like that. so I let him back in the house two weeks later he's verbally abusing and bashing me in the kitchen.

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