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  1. Maybe not responsible but we can contribute to the happiness of others, positively or negatively. I think we should try to be a positive contributor, if we can.

  2. My mother starts screaming when she’s caught in a lie. On the top of her lungs, like a crazy person. Cursing too. It’s like she thinks this distraction will make us forget the lies.

  3. Making my grandmother’s cookie recipe and distributing cookies to friends and neighbors

  4. It’s not a bad looking ornament. Maybe add an apple, banana, cucumber, etc, every week?

  5. Thank! I saw in your profile that you have a pineapple, I had one of those too, but not as beautiful as yours

  6. Lol! I ate it and planted the top from the baby. A new generation begins. (The fruit was sweet, but very small.) In 5 years maybe I’ll have another pineapple and will share a photo here.

  7. In elementary school a boy invited me to go to the circus with him and his mother. I’ve always had fond memories of it.

  8. Yesterday while I was running. (I learned you can’t run and cry at the same time.) Fight with my husband, feeling disrespected, stress about my mother’s early stages of dementia that my sisters are dumping on me were the thoughts that triggered it.

  9. That’s great to hear that you all were able to mend things near a the end. Thank you for sharing that.

  10. I’m open to it but she only wants to take, talk about herself and her problems, and/or literally scream in anger at the top of her lungs when she doesn’t get what she wants (huge sums of money). My husband has tried too.

  11. He died 2 years ago and actually we did thaw out our relationship at the end. He got dementia and relied on me to take care of everything in the 2 years he was losing it until he went into a nursing home. He was appreciative, grateful and was able to pay for it. He was overall happier and more cheerful in dementia than before he had it.

  12. Saw a man walking in town who looked just like my husband’s best friend who died 2 years ago. Then the next week I saw someone who looked like his wife from behind. (She moved to another state about 2,000 miles away after he died.)

  13. A stuffed frog. I don’t know where it is. My mother got rid of it when I was in college. Probably in a landfill somewhere

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