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I made a cutaway of the Red Bull pit garage for this season

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  1. Though I can't think of an example offhand, and to save an extra post on the topic, how about lower funded Cup pay drivers that can buy a competitive Xfinity seat?

  2. This is kinda the Brandon Jones/Ryan Reed route. They could both get shitty cup rides, but they would rather have that shot to win in good equipment.

  3. And they both survived their swim, only to die in racing incidents a few years later. Ascari in testing and Hawkins while racing.

  4. Ascari was killed 4 days after his Monaco crash, nevermind years.

  5. In 2 consecutive seasons a British driver in a Mercedes-powered car carrying number 22 finished 5th at the Brazilian GP to win the WDC (Hamilton - 2008 & Button - 2009).

  6. I’ve always thought of how in consecutive years, the lowest numbered team on the grid won the WDC. I had slipped the Brazil and 5th place ironies. Beautiful.

  7. Right now he is just a bit over 400iR and under 1.00 class D license. I didn't know that people could go so low 😅

  8. I’ve seen somebody with an iRating of 5. It was in a Rolex practice session so my guess was that he tanked. But anything is possible.

  9. Circle B and Circle B only. Unless you want to buy from Lionel direct.

  10. That crash is always distressingly violent

  11. It’s not your demographic, probably a good thing he died back in 2015 Chicago PD called his family after he died and talked about how they were happy he was dead

  12. I wouldn’t say that. I knew who Takeoff was, that was a change in the pattern. I enjoy music of all types. I just don’t hear of any of these other fools until they slip up. But anyone and everyone thinks they’re a rapper nowadays.

  13. I wasn’t denying his existence as a rapper. In my own experience it seems like everyone in bad areas has some sort of stage/street name that’ll get thrown around in these situations.

  14. Plenty of cool little oval tracks in Mexico. I believe Puebla has a cool concrete oval shaped like Iowa Speedway.

  15. I didn't know who this guy was until now, and after 5 minutes of reading I agree with you. Dude got fired for wrecking so much! Then got sued!! That's so bad lmao

  16. Then went on and had a successful career road racing in IMSA.

  17. That's what I recognize him from. Had no idea he tried to be a NASCAR driver.

  18. Yeah everyone likes to shit on him when the AT&T deal gets brought up but he actually raced road courses before that and hopped straight into the Busch series. Went about as well as expected but the guy was very talented.

  19. Sad to say but this happens often and everywhere. At least he is in a position to call them out and gain traction, but it’s also not wise to poke the bear that is immigration office in the Middle East.

  20. That’s kinda ridiculous. Like Alonso was meme and all but it’s crazy to think they really are stuck. Dude doesn’t even have a drink lol. They definitely need to get on that. They had a SC period, they easily could’ve went back around and picked KMag up after Danny. It’s almost careless of them otherwise. On top of that he is there for being in a crash of all things, you’d think it would be a priority to at least get him back around medical if needed afterwards

  21. Drivers are pretty small. They should have just chucked him into the trunk

  22. Imagine if he just got in the back and used the stretcher?

  23. Wow. What an unbelievably saddening circumstance. From winning the championship, to losing your father within 24 hours.

  24. How do those seats work then? They don't just bolt on?

  25. It’s not a matter of making it loose, it’s getting it out and getting the new one in the car. That’s not an easy process with how the cars are constructed.

  26. Pretty ballsy of him to post this without the team saying it. Even if it’s true, is it worth breaking this news? Hate to say it but shit like this costs people their jobs.

  27. Especially coming from a ‘simulator technician’

  28. I need to try and find one of those black Menards ones.

  29. Kasey Kahne to Toyota’s 95 effort instead of Matty D.

  30. Actually they were a Chevy team for multiple years with RCR support. In 2018 it switched to Hendrick support when they signed Kahne. For 2019, they replaced Furniture Row as Toyota’s secondary team. Kasey was slated to drive then but his health issues forced retirement. That’s when they hired Matty D.

  31. Every time people freaking out about the mold I’m always surprised they can tell the difference immediately. Thanks for the comparison.

  32. I was at the event this past weekend, they had a few next gen protos

  33. Lots of mutual friends there I bet. Believe me I got my hands on one 😉

  34. Did you have a stroke during that last paragraph?

  35. Has Noah really ever done anything quite like this? The Sage Karam incident was bad because he turned him in front of the field and tore up other cars. But by all accounts from that race, Karam was driving like an ass and deserved to be turned. Just a stupid place to turn him, rather than turning a guy for no reason.

  36. Him and Allgaier at Bristol wasn’t very pretty

  37. Fuck that racist asshole. All his great music is now forever tainted by his truly horrible personality.

  38. If you keep digging you’ll find most people 40 years ago were racist assholes. Would I listen to Claptons new music? No. But I also cannot close my eyes and ears to what makes him a legendary musician. Not a legendary person.

  39. Sounds an awful lot like you've never paid for an advertisement before. Neither have I, but still.

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