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  1. They are, but it’s very subtle. I ramp up the contrast on my stuff because I think it’s his “trademark.”

  2. They're barely different colors but he exaggerates it in comics and conversation like it's the first thing you'd notice when you look at him

  3. Seriously, wtf does the Stone Age thing mean? Relatively new Christorian here and I've seen the comic panel it's from, but don't get it

  4. They were trying to be supportive. Iirc Bob even left a letter to Chris in 2008 saying that he hopes the character of Sonichu could become a "champion for autistic persons everywhere" and be a spokesperson for autism, and even says that Chris and Sonichu could become famous worldwide.

  5. I'd ask him why he's wearing that medallion if he's Ian Brandon Anderson and ask him if he stole that from Christian Weston Chandler, creator of Sonichu the electric hedgehog

  6. and if he got the right jawbs he’d make your bank account look like shit too!

  7. Just pull a Lorne, tell him you're sorry, and that he may not understand it but you understand it and that's all that matters, and give him a dinner ring

  8. You know what? I don't want this crossword puzzle, I just wanna get to the New York Times

  9. It was go time for that predator. He knew he found the one to continue working/grooming. Repulsive man who needed his chat log out on blast publicly

  10. Yep. We can laugh at how dumb he looks/acts but he's a predator who can pick out a victim

  11. He looks like a third grader getting ready for his class photo but didn't have any parental guidance as to what would be a good outfit to wear

  12. Can I attend your party? I'll have to take off pretty fast though, can't stay for long

  13. Not a line but the way he throws his sunglasses on the ground will never not make me laugh lmao

  14. It's surprising he didn't get tackled for that outburst lmao you already know if he wasn't a rich asshole they prob wouldn't have taken it so easy

  15. It was funny when the cops told him to get on the ground and he got down on his hands and knees like he was praying towards Mecca, all while repeating "But I didn't do anything!!".

  16. I want Lorne to get caught in a sting again and go to prison for good.

  17. He'd still cry about how he never even meant to do it, and make an excuse for why his head was awl fawked uhp

  18. This dude is a driver for an auto parts store in my town. He delivered the parts to our shop a few times. One time he came over and asked for a cigarette, when he pulled his mask down to smoke I kept telling myself I seen him before. It took a week and a few awkward conversations before I finally nailed down why he was so familiar to me.

  19. No fucking way. If he comes in again, try to get a photo if possible. We have so little news on hin

  20. My favorite Chris Hansen line is when he said "it's time To Catch a Predator" and Hansened all over the place

  21. Yo dude using an old post to message you, just wanted to say I'm done. I know it's been a joke before but I been really thinking and it's eating at me the way I treated you, especially about the pea dinner thing, it was undeserved and a way to make myself feel better. Anyways dude I'm super sorry for what's happened between all of us and this is my last contact with you. I genuinely hope things are good and stay good dude. Take care.

  22. I want NOTHING to do with you, good or bad. We're not kids anymore. Find something else to do.

  23. His Instagram he communicated with the decoy on I believe, along with a picture of a window sticker that said "save a deer, shoot a pedophile" ironic enough

  24. No, screenshots the decoy took before he was arrested. Iirc he's since removed it, Colons is still available though

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