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Whistle blowers coming forward from the US Military, Watch fast, I doubt it will be up for long.

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  1. Do they not have the vaccination status of these people? They need to start collecting that data and sharing it or no one is going to take this information seriously

  2. They all have on boots that look like they’ve never been worn before

  3. I'm having trouble believing this is real. We should see massive controversy around this if it were real. There is also a conspicuous absence of technical detail. We aren't even told what the device uses to perceive or communicate. Seems to me to be some sort of LARP.

  4. That’s a really good point! I did try to find out more on the technology and the best I could come up with was it was described as a quantum consciousness, but nothing was more descriptive than that.

  5. I don't think a small it company in the Ukraine has discovered functional quantum consciousness.

  6. You can’t prosecute people if the courts are corrupted.

  7. How do you know this? Proof or just speculation?

  8. The mark is genetic manipulation. Through promising you will live longer...or something like that..people will be deceived into taking the mark.

  9. There’s an article on some Canadian government website that is pushing biodigital convergence and they claim that we have the tech right now to extend your life by 15 years through genetic manipulation. You have to do it before you turn 40 though. It’s obvious they will try to use this to lure people in.

  10. Sure thing. Click download PDF to see the full thing

  11. Since vaccinated people are still catching mild cases of covid seems like we’re all fucked. Don’t know what point you were trying to make with this lol

  12. Just wanted to point out that a teacher mentioning that gay people exist, or that people of the same gender can love each other, is just two ways to talk about the LGBTQ+ community in a way that is not at all sexual, and are concepts even little kids can understand. If there is any evidence any teachers in Florida are teaching such matters that actually involve sex, please provide such evidence.

  13. I never said that. If you read the end of my comment I basically said I agree with you. I don’t know of a situation outside of a teacher mentioning their SO or an immediate family member to children this young that it would even need to be brought up though. I am not in those classrooms monitoring them. Obviously I can’t provide concrete evidence or proof it is happening just like you can’t provide proof that it isn’t happening.

  14. I didn’t mean to argue with you; just wanted to point something something out kind of in relation to what you were talking about.

  15. Oh I apologize I misunderstood your comment then. I can agree with that. I said I cannot prove it because children are not really reliable sources sometimes and you never know if an adult is influencing them to say stuff. Unless a student has a PowerPoint of paperwork then you never know what a teacher is just saying to their students and it’s hard to prove.


  17. I don’t understand how someone can even not use their inner speech 20% of the time. I am literally speaking in my head 100% of the time and sometimes I am even thinking of multiple different things at once? Ill be sitting there doing a crossword puzzle or something speaking in my head about the crossword puzzle while also singing a song in the back of my head or thinking about a conversation I had with someone simultaneously.

  18. Did I miss something? How did Lexi “out” Nate if he’s not gay… and even if he is… how would Lexi know? My mind is genuinely blanking.

  19. I’m pretty sure Maddie told Cassie about the dick pics on nates phone, and then Cassie told Lexi maybe in season one I’m not sure!

  20. Maybe she’s not ready for preschool yet? 2.5 is still pretty young and you are going to have a hard time having an effect on behavior that you are not even present for. It’s not like you can sit her down at home hours later and have a conversation about her behavior at school and expect it to make a significant difference at this age.

  21. OK, I have no idea why you'd listen to me but I feel responsible because she's pregnant:

  22. More than likely they will not give you oxygen in the hospital if your o2 is above 91-92 especially if you are not having labored breathing o2 can fluctuate pretty good depending on a lot of factors so if it’s reading low at first stay calm sit up straight and take a few deep breaths and see if it goes up and stays up before rushing back to the ER.

  23. Most have critiqued “operation warp speed” from the very beginning due to lack of available side effects and long term safety data. I have never supported trump. Lifelong liberal pro choice anti cooperate government person here! I’m still against medical mandates and medical coercion.

  24. 1- there have always been exemptions that were relatively easy to acquire. My hospital didn’t even require employees to have flu vaccine.

  25. I have stained spoons with tea and coffee. Just brew it up nice and strong, let it cool, dip a paper towel in, and wipe it on the spoon like you would a stain. Do 2 or 3 coats if the first coat doesn't get it dark enough for you.

  26. This is a really good idea!! You can also create a dye with dried onion skins! It’s a yellowish-brownish-reddish tint!

  27. Nate's father got violent with him last season in episode 8. You're correct about everything else though, the kid's a psycho.

  28. Nate was the one who stepped up and tried to intimidate his father in his own home. Nate initiated it fully Cal just didn’t back down.

  29. This has been happening throughout Euphoria if you go back and watch its wild. I have a theory that because Rue is the narrator and what we're watching sometimes is just her recollection, not what objectively happened.

  30. At one point she says something along the lines of “I have to warn you I’m not the most reliable narrator” in the episode where she is walking on the walls and ceiling

  31. Died of "Covid" remember two million elderly had been vaccinated by 31st of December.

  32. We would need to compare the deaths of the elderly In December/ January vs the months prior to vaccine roll out, to see if more deaths occurred after vaccine roll out.

  33. I will cut you some slack if you're not from the UK but if you are I would get checked for dementia.

  34. I honestly do not buy into not using the word “no” with children. I say no in a firm voice to my 10 month old and she’s starting to learn. From my perspective, children need to be taught that there are boundaries and you can’t just do whatever you want.

  35. My 10 month old niece definitely knows what “no” means. If she is trying to touch or grab something she’s not supposed to, you can tell her “no, no baby” or “no ma’am” in a calm kind voice and she will stop in her tracks and usually either get mad and growl while looking at said object or she will scurry to you crying.

  36. Well really to stop “Christians” from being saved. And immorality which I’ve learned today they can achieve.

  37. Every generation has it's luddites, I can see you lot as the kind of people who insisted if a car went over like 5mph people would explode

  38. Mostly no one gives a shit if people want to do this stuff. No one wants anything like this forced upon them “for the greater good”. All most people ask for is informed consent and the choice to decide for themselves without feeling forced or coerced.

  39. Aye informed consent is fine, but it's hard to have when there are trolls peddling shit, and lies, also sometimes governments make us do things we don't like for the good of many

  40. When in history has the government or forced someone to alter their body in any way that isn’t completely condemned presently?

  41. I assumed that it meant that, at point A (prior to vaccine administration) 5 year average was X.

  42. I believe they added up the past 5 years then divided by 5 so people wouldn’t be able to come back and say that the increase was from delay in diagnosis or medical care like they would if you were just looking at 2020 data.

  43. How are people dying of lockdown-related causes? Were there a lot of stair-based fatalities that could have been avoided? Get vaccinated, get bungalows and most importantly, use the elevators

  44. If you are not being sarcastic then you are disgustingly self centered and willfully ignoring everything that happens in society outside of your very limited, privileged, world view.

  45. Ah I see your argument is at least based in reality, I've seen some theories that suggest that governments are killing those that stay at home, that's where my sarcasm was coming from.

  46. I worked in a hospital as a nurse all through 2020 they canceled elective procedures to wait for the influx of covid patients that never came. They delayed care for no reason. That entire year was the Slowest I have ever seen it. I often only had 1 or two patients a night. We furloughed surgical staff and called off nurses on every single floor every night. This is from a mid sized town in the southern Midwest that never took the lockdowns seriously after about two weeks.