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  1. Quake, or rather anyone from Marvel TV that's not Daredevil.

  2. Same here, but two weeks early.

  3. Couldn't you have just turned up the heat a little?

  4. I can’t tell what the other monster is.Is it supposed to be snizzard?

  5. Thuy has been gone for 30 years. Way past that limit of "milking" deaths. If anything this would be milking JDF's passing.

  6. I liked Shazam 2 better than Ant-Man 3.

  7. Clancy brown also voices mr krabs and Tony mentions squidward In infinity war

  8. Clancy Brown was also in Daredevil S2 and The Punisher.

  9. i'd love to see a map of their "real America"...

  10. Florida! THE PENIS OF AMERICA!!!

  11. A fine time to repost this classic. The Sinclair Network choir's rendition of 'This is extremely dangerous to our democracy'.

  12. Where do you think I got post's title from?

  13. The cgi on the baby pacha zord in Dino fury was great

  14. Why can't America have nice things?

  15. If Lego can make an Optimus Prime set, then it's only a matter of time till we get a Power Rangers one.

  16. Not necessarily. Their Voltron from a few years ago had a lot of compromises. I'm hard pressed to think a Megazord would fare any better, and that's assuming they wanted to do one. It sounds like Optimus Prime was hasbro approaching LEGO, not the other way around. They lucked out that the designer of the set was a former Transformers designer.

  17. As cool as a Lego Megazord would be, I was thinking more of a Lego Power Chamber set. Or a Bionicle type figure for each ranger.

  18. Iron man (2008*) is 15 years old, makes a myspace joke, and we're still watching that.

  19. whoever the third girl is, she's got an ass on her, whew

  20. The film's director was in Lightspeed Rescue.

  21. The moment when they watch Winter Soldier and then draw straws to see who will randomly turn out to have been a villain all along.

  22. The show was made alongside Winter Soldier.

  23. He hasn't learned that ability...yet.

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