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  1. I had to think for a couple of seconds what future rider would be funniest with this and the one I landed on was Woz just cause how weird him doing this would be(I considered aqua or century or ohma Zi-O before him though)

  2. Why does everyone love Girori now? I remembered everyone wanted him dead during the Glare arc.

  3. This is more common than you might think. At least Girori is a good antagonist, so it makes sense to appreciate the character.

  4. Poeple often forget just how big zx was meant to be. And that it was originally a manga first! I own all the zx manga. They started in 1982 and were fairly popular. The special is only vaguely based on it from what I can tell. This is just my head canon but I like to imagine zx got turned into what is now called "machine man". It Came out the same year. And was also worked on by ishinomori.

  5. They're toys. They're advertising the gimmick of the line. It doesn't mean it'll appear on the show.

  6. I know that. I just think it's funny that they choose these 2 instead of someone more relevant like Tycoon and Buffa.

  7. He should just henshin and Clear vent his way out of there, but they just had to kill him off in some bs way to wrap up the story.

  8. so the unwritten of rule of not accepting actors who are related to a Rider of a cast of Rider is no longer in effect? there was a rumor that, that was happening.

  9. Tbf she was just a minor character anyway, but then again, they just cast Hiroshi Fujioka's son to play Hongo like a year ago so...

  10. i’d argue decade and ex-aid too. decade for the alt worlds and ex-aid for how insane the bugster virus is

  11. No, not only was this in the 70s but same sex marriage wasn't legal (still might not be unless I'm wrong). And this is Nigo (Ichimomji).

  12. I mean, gay people have always existed. They just can't be open about it back then.

  13. You know Hongo in Shin KR was also gay? In the end he went

  14. Best scene in the movie tbh. Really show how far their relationship has developed.

  15. Also: there another agurement that "all showa rider do their own stunt and fight :c pretty boy use suit actor"...... And that is kinda stupid isnt? That like saying kungfu actor do kungfu on their own. Or course early rider know how to do is in their casting requirement, it took few gen to realize using actor as stunt man is a bad idea and let use profressional suit actor for more safety and quality.

  16. Showa riders use suit actors too. Tetsuya Nakayashiki is nicknamed "Mr.Kamen rider" for playing every Showa rider from Nigo to Super-1,before Takaiwa took that title for Heisei rider. Also, Jiro Okamoto is famous in toku community for his portrayal of Black and Rx in-suit.

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