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  1. Congrats OP! I’m a similar bra size and weight so I’m excited to see your recovery! What size did you ask for?

  2. I completely left it up to the surgeon. I said however

  3. That’s the size I’m wanting to go down to! I wish you a speedy recovery!

  4. Shoulda touched up them veiny hands, girl. DAMN.

  5. I feel like this is a recipe from one of those 1960s cookbooks

  6. Flonase and I get herbs from my acupuncturist.

  7. I can’t stand the sprays but I heard they work better

  8. The spray works best for me. I take herbs not “hearts”. Autocorrect is irritating. One thing that I use in conjunction with the Flonase is a neti pot/nasal irrigation system. The Flonase dries out my sinuses so the irrigation keeps a good balance.

  9. I’ve done the neti pot when I was sick and it helps a lot so I’ll give it a try with this!

  10. I might have 10 empty water cups in my room but not food, you nasty bitch lol

  11. Can’t wait til I get to work from home so I can drink wine while i work lol

  12. She was out there looking like megamind lol

  13. Because their buttcheeks be glued with boo boo.

  14. Yo can we talk about the skills with that zoom in/out coordination though

  15. I freaking LOVE this movie, my sister and I would watch it all the time when it was on tv

  16. ngl sometimes i pause the music in my earbuds and listen 👀👀

  17. Saving this for mine, thanks for posting this sis!

  18. Anyone else getting weird trypophobia vibes for this?

  19. Shit is dark, I can’t stop thinking about this

  20. I’m a newbie here, mind explaining what yogurt does for your face?

  21. Naturally-occurring lactic acid dissolves dead skin cells in the gentlest way, unearthing the vibrant cells beneath the surface. In addition to making you look extra glow-y, lactic acid exfoliation also reduces the signs of aging (like wrinkles and fine lines), treats and prevents pimples and brightens discolouration and scarring.

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