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  1. I haven't taken it in forever but I was INFP-T last time

  2. I love Muta but I don't really watch him anymore ☹️

  3. Women are the best potheads and I stand by that! ♀️🍃

  4. Damn sis this is a nice setup! My wife accidentally broke my bong and I miss it so much 😭

  5. I used to have a hamster that would lay on your chest and fall asleep. Miss you, Bobo 💕

  6. I literally hate this mindset so much. I have 0 attraction to men. No fucking exceptions and it's weird. I get it when you're in denial or just realized you're a lesbian. But if you're actively identifying as such and aware of the fact you're only into women, why on earth would you find any sort of attraction to men normal?

  7. Yes! I admired Howl's beauty but bc of comphet, I thought this meant I was attracted to him. Men do not excite me downstairs whatsoever 🤢

  8. If you're attracted to men, YOU'RE NOT A FUCKING LESBIAN!!!! I'm so tired of straight women saying they're gay but then only dating men. They only say that shit to sound "cool". Cannot fucking stand it. Men repulse me. The thought that I ever had anything to do with men in my youth disgusts me and makes me feel humiliated 😞 Makes me wanna shower in boiling water and scrub with steel wool.

  9. He probably hired her bc he didn't wanna spend the money hiring an actual armorer

  10. And he figured he could pay the young female armourer less. He’s quite remarkable w his levels of misogyny.

  11. The good news is, nowadays a sex tape is a giant nothingburger.... If this supposed sex tape(s) exist, and if they were "leaked" in this era; nobody would bat an eye over it.... In fact, i bet some of us would want to give Kim a high five and congrats over its contents, that's if it exists.... I don't doubt that she banged Prince, but i will only believe there's a sex tape when i watch it myself....

  12. Ur right. Honestly all I was thinking was "damn. Good for Kim. I hope Alec knows she had sex with PRINCE"

  13. I love my stretch marks. How tf would you know if every single woman hated their stretch marks??

  14. It’s a full poker hand of shit comments. “some women have stretch marks and I love that for them. But I don’t. And it’s probably attributed to me being such an excellent lotioner. Oh also my friend sells some snake oil for your ugly stretch marks. Oh but it’s probably too expensive for you so here’s a cheap version too!”

  15. Fr I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw this shit. She's like "some women have those gross crusty stretch marks and like, that's cool for them I guess but I think it's fucking disgusting and I don't have any! Here's my glorified Vaseline I sell!"

  16. That would be absolutely insane but then again, it became insane like 6 kids ago sooo...not lookin good. We're about to add a Baldwinito to the fam. Everyone say hi to Juan José Gustavo Baldwin! 🥘

  17. Although I feel like Peggy would call Hillz out on her bullshit

  18. she answered in another stream that water does make her “bloat” because she doesn’t “drink a crazy amount at once” i think she’s fine with a couple sips but having no bladder muscles means an accident on stream

  19. Being bloated would probably make her look a little better

  20. Same! I'm a thicc bitch and if something feels boney or my bones are touching something I can't sleep. It'll drive me insane!

  21. You're gorgeous and I wish my makeup looked this good sis!!

  22. as a burn victim (or survivor) I can attest that this is nothing you do while your skin is on fire.

  23. Wow I'm so sorry you went thru that! I hope you're doing much better now. My DMs are open if you need someone to talk to.

  24. Instead of "she", I think we should just change her pronouns to "boob". So it's actually "Boob boobs boiled boobily". It just sounds better imo 😌

  25. AH I have never seen the cat video now and JFC

  26. Yes fr!! I know immediately if my coochie ain't covered. She fuckin knewww!!

  27. people talk like this and then scream and cry when i want a reduction lmao. what does this person expect large-chested women to do about their bodies, huh? you wanna say that to me when i was 12, a C cup, and getting hit on by adult men at weddings, conventions? my dad having to listen other men look at me in pictures and say i look too old to be just 12? do you know what that does to a little girl? i am gay and i love boobs but i would give it all up if we could keep women and little girls safe from rhetoric like this.

  28. I was in a DDD at 12 and men have always treated me like a piece of meat. Literally been getting catcalled since I was 6

  29. Ugh. Developed at 10, C-cup by 11. I've had to deal with people calling me stupid, slutty and trashy because of my tits for DECADES. "You'll look more professional if you wear a reducing bra". "Stop distracting boys by wearing clothes". NO. Sofa king many women have big tiddies, how about making clothes that ACTUALLY fit?

  30. Same. Was a DDD by 13! I married a woman who loves my boobs but also doesn't care if I get a reduction. So nice to finally not be sexualized by a man anymore.

  31. I have a friend who went to Ireland (circa 2000) for 2 months over the summer and came back with brogue, she explained to all her American friends that she grew up with that she had just picked up the accent after submerging herself in the culture for a couple of months. There were a few awkward months of her talking like she was from Ireland. I think she finally gave it up because it was hard to do and she got a lot of questions and doubters. It was weird.

  32. There was this conniving, pick-me ass bitch I used to work with (we were friends but she really betrayed me but we still had to work together so it was awkward AF) and she would talk in an obnoxiously fake British accent sometimes. EVEN TO THE CUSTOMERS AT WORK! She thought she was so quirky and funny 🙄

  33. Are u pregnant yet? (Or you could be extra authentic and doordash a surrogate baby)

  34. Hillz is just mad I'm 22, have real big tits, and my face still naturally has collagen so I don't need all that work done!

  35. That outfit is hideous. She’s a mom in her mid-30s.

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