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Baby trying wasabi

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girl gets stuck in a washer doing a dare

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  1. This is a horrible thing what a cruel thing to do to both the animals and people. But I would watch the heck of the Netflix adaptation.

  2. I rather watch a documentary than an adaptation movie. I find those repulsive.

  3. Not to be cruel, but that's a lesson well learnt there!

  4. It's the same level as that kid keep smacking on a horse (or was it a Donkey?) till he got kicked. I don't understand these people ( the not the children they're dumb af ) letting these kids hurt themselves.

  5. This is sad. People don’t understand what it’s like for women over there. I see a lot of these girls protesting and they are just gonna be killed jailed or shamed. Fucked up

  6. And even if you tell them to stop, just so they wont be targeted, they're still not safe. Being a woman there have enemies left and right, in every direction, no matter what they do or not do. ):

  7. Can't believe I just typed that into my search box to find the thread on Twitter, the Indians really came for that guy lol

  8. True... But my question is: Are both gay? Is only the biological woman gay? Is neither gay? I dont understand it help

  9. Actually whats a cis woman? I seriously dont know.

  10. A cis woman is someone who was assigned female at birth and identifies as a woman also.

  11. What the fuck! I went from being mortified to relieved to straight pissed!

  12. Now Im amazed, a 30sec clip can bring out so many emotions.

  13. Ya he definitely tossed and prepared for that roll. That move really only works on someone who wants it to happen.

  14. His head moved side ways, before she could move her leg behind his neck. He defo knew it.

  15. This reminds me of that old mentos commercial with the really long nipples guy.

  16. Im curious to see, but I also dont want to have nightmares....but Im super curious.

  17. Gives new meaning to “do you want fries with that?”

  18. Agree. But out on the street I'd I sure will still be called racist or homophobe or fatshamer...etc ...

  19. No shit. Really I did not notice at all. -__-

  20. even if op genuinely appreciated the oops work, or being sarcastic, for that mildly infuriating post, like everyone else... his comment works both ways, don't you think ? Or is a nice comment really not allowed in Reddit? —then, my bad, I didn't know.

  21. You see shit like this and still believe in that bullshit fairy tale?

  22. He just used it as an expression of shock. I think you need sleep dude.

  23. It's an infinite money glitch. And they only way it's going to stop is if people stop giving them the attention

  24. wait sorry.... You can get add revenue or something in tiktok like in YouTube? Or is it from donations?

  25. Of course…..shoot and gun down your women wanting education, equality, and rights so all you have are a circle jerk of men celebrating their manlihood. Sounds like suppressed latent homosexuality and take out on women!!

  26. Are these the same people who said 14yo Boys are banned in their Gyms because it makes them horny?

  27. Wtf, you should push your child to try as many things as possible. A child doesn’t know what they want, they don’t know anything. It’s your job at the parent to guide themselves towards what’s best and good for them. Please don’t let your kid govern themselves until at a age they can do so appropriately.

  28. "it's your job at (as?) the parent to guide themselves towards what's best and good for them."

  29. Yes, wasabi is an excellent way to widen your child’s pallet. I doubt in Asia or anywhere really would consider it to be taboo to feed a child a microscopic amount of wasabi.

  30. Not when you know they're not ready for it. But then again, the video cut too short after her reaction, so I dont know what happened after "Help."

  31. Donovan here just want to relive that moment, that's why he's askin.

  32. We're in a funnyanimals sub, of course it's alright.

  33. Maybe also we're only seeing the number, but if we actually see what happened to those who died, like watching a stampede or seeing them get beaten... that's we're it will truly hit how horrible this is.

  34. Do sports riot ever go up like this??? This might be the highest number I have seen.

  35. Well, I guess some porn producers must be celebrating they finally have a real-world example to take inspiration from.

  36. A Stephen Chow movie would be great for this. lol

  37. Ya, but not with 5 different women.

  38. Im sorry. Who is this and what he do? I thought Angelina Jolie have that world record of many kids?

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