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  1. Not every time. There are hundreds, thousands of felons who are released from prison who voted and didn't realize it was illegal for them to do so.

  2. There are not hundreds of thousands of felons voting illegally every year. When a person is convicted of a felony their voter registration is revoked by the registrar. You can’t vote without that.

  3. Trump will probably ask for ‘executive privilege’ over that terms of service agreement.

  4. He doesn't have executive privilege anymore lol. Biden has rejected all of his assertions.

  5. I've been reading these articles and they sound a lot like a wasp sting

  6. Wasp stings do not cause the same effects as date rape drugs.

  7. I don’t understand how 1.4 million helped 108,000?

  8. It wiped out 212 million in debt. She was able to buy this debt for less than 1% of its face value.

  9. I’m not sure if you deserve a medal or a straight jacket for subjecting yourself to that kind of torture.

  10. It’s not a terrible mindset and if you’d read other comments you see I explain that. Recidivism rates for sex offenders are over 60%. No you should not hire a sex offender when they are going to be working closely with teenage girls.

  11. The Palestinians are arguing that the cemetery includes the area where the remains were found, Also where they are building the park.

  12. There's nothing anti-semitic about pointing out a blatant ignorance towards other people's feelings and consideration. The state of Israel openly does this repeatedly against non-jewish people so f*** you and your idiotic opinion

  13. Did you hit your head repeatedly? What is ignorant about saying across cultures and languages it is not okay to desecrate someone’s grave.

  14. Lol yes indeed it will. There are monitoring systems set up specifically to catch this. It’s called “structuring” (or “smurfing”).

  15. It will not I know this because I literally saw witnessed a business do this all the time. There are no monitoring systems scanning all transactions across all institutions under 10,000 for patterns. If some outside attention is brought to the accounts then they can be scanned.

  16. You said different branches, so I assumed you meant of the same bank. Correct that it won’t catch structuring at different banks but repeated deposits of close to the amount could trigger different types of reporting.

  17. The same bank and the same account but different branches throughout the city.

  18. Thanks for burying the lede in that dumpster fire of a title.

  19. Maricopa College thanks you for your donation.

  20. Another group set to lose another lawsuit for refusing to understand how long vaccine mandates have been well supported.

  21. It's not Oculus that's the monopoly, it's FB's ownership and the implications of it.

  22. Facebook is building a metaverse platform for VR and Oculus is likely going to be its headset. This market doesn’t even exist yet to start considering it’s implications. There are several competitors in the vr market right now and facebooks ownership of oculus is not a monopolistic threat.

  23. Not the same data, not for the same purposes and not necessarily shared at all or at least the way FB does. And not leveraged by the rest of FB data and uses for that data.

  24. I wasn’t comparing the them, you’re making assumptions. I was referring to the comment above where the person suggested they weren’t collecting and monetizing data. That’s not true, they are but it’s not on the level of Facebook at all

  25. Actually it matters a lot what’s the cause because solutions may be complex and would vary depending on the ultimate source of the carbon. You can’t know how much of what to change if you don’t have an idea of the most significant contributors.

  26. The ACA barely passed and wasn’t popular with half the country. The bipartisan infrastructure bill is extremely popular. Passing this bill may not guarantee Democrat success, but not passing the bill yet I’ll guarantee Democrat failure.

  27. The ACA barely passed but has survived 60 repeal attempts.

  28. over 85% of the population supports drug price negotiation. a minimum wage increase polls at 70%. taxing the rich is overwhelmingly popular. protecting voting rights and getting rid of gerrymandering are both hugely popular and yet dems have shown that they cannot pass these policies. if you can't wield government to get overwhelmingly popular policies passed, and you can't effectively change an obviously broken system, then you simply don't have an argument for why anyone should vote for you.

  29. You can’t wield the government when one side refuses to negotiate or participate other than actively trying to fuck Democrats over and by extension Americans. On top of that there 2 traitors on your own side, one who just turned coat from her own campaign principles and the other who keeps moving the goalposts and cutting pieces off the bill.

  30. She said those were the real attacks. Except none of them were ‘antifa riots.’ And outside agitators started most of the violence during the BLM protests.

  31. The truth is out that she helped plan it, now she’s trying to mitigate the damage done by throwing as much feces against the wall to see if anything sticks.

  32. "The final document -- the result of six months of investigation -- will now be sent to Brazil´s Attorney General's Office. However, Attorney General Augusto Aras is considered an ally of the president and is not expected to pursue charges."

  33. The anti-vaxx healthcare workers are the ones seeing this shit everyday but still arguing it’s not that bad.

  34. 7% of health care workers chose to fire themselves.

  35. People just throwing away their jobs over feelings created by politics.

  36. He has also gotten the benefit of billions in subsidies, that’s tax payer money, he shouldn’t be able to get away with paying zero federal taxes year after year.

  37. They're going to do whatever makes the most sense financially. If that's paintings, so be it. If it's stock with higher taxes, they'll stick with it. Nothing new about what he's saying. But he's wrong to act like we're suddenly going to lose a shit ton of capital for "job creation".

  38. They are not going to leave the market and only buy art, Romney is full of shit.

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