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  1. Seek God before ever meeting up, make sure you are on alert lustful desire could creep in be careful and keep praying 💙

  2. Oh I'm sure you have it defined as something other than "bashing" but I think we're talking about the same thing. You want to know if after Elon buys Twitter if you can go on there and tell gay people they're an abomination and that they can't be 'real' Christians if they're gay, etc, correct?

  3. I would like to share biblical truth as loving as possible, would I tell someone they could live their whole life drinking alcohol being abusing people… no I’d say you are in sin repent and confess your sins and let the Holy Spirit change you, they are in sin like the rest of us, thing is they embrace it as normal because the world teaches that in schools and in the media.

  4. Yeah, I'm correct. Good news though there's tons of other sins in the Bible to wag your finger about. You could start with all the Christians that aren't charitable and hoard their wealth. I'm like sexual sin or alcoholism or drinking alcohol, which Jesus himself did, Jesus identified wealth as a direct barrier to Salvation. Why don't you go ahead and start there, there's a lot of work to be done. Or how about pride? There's a mountain of pride in the Christian community.

  5. I agree many “Christian’s” who are greedy they preach the prosperity gospel and rob people blind that’s why we try to expose them all the time.

  6. Amen, you’ll get so much hate for saying this but your so right the bible says you will be hated for speaking the truth

  7. Protestant here, don't worry it doesn't look so snakey when taken with a normal lens. Plus, the human brain often finds patterns that aren't there. There's no secret devil worship involved as far as I can see.

  8. Fr they made it look like a snake even from the outside and the pipe speaks from the mouth of the snake and there’s no devil worship hmm

  9. If you do anything other than shove that up your ass then it’s illegal

  10. Lust is a spirit it grows when fed, you wearing a bikini feeds it, sorry to tell you but that’s the truth also why would you even if you knew the things guys are thinking about you’d cover up

  11. You literally cannot make anyone else feel a specific thing. A person chooses their feelings whether it's consciously or subconsciously and they are fully responsible for their undesired and desired feelings.

  12. My friend if someone walked up and punched you square in the face tell me if you’d feel that?

  13. “I’m sending it to the police” at this stage he actually is wasting police time, they could be receiving a call regarding a kid being stabbed but you have owl Kevin here moaning about someone hurting his feelings 😂

  14. If everyone just stopped giving him attention he’d stop you guys are feeding the beast 😂

  15. Can I ask why is everyone trying to kill kev? Is he actually a nonce or are people just saying it like they done to that fellah who is fighting Ed Matthews 😂

  16. People often get attraction for sex before marriage it doesn’t mean it’s right, the bible teaches us to not trust emotions and our heart because it’s inherently evil

  17. Look it’s a horrible thing God hates rape and incest he’s made that clear he also hates murder tho and that’s why this is, I can’t ever begin to know what it’s like to be a female in this situation but I also don’t think it’s right to kill a baby, give it up for adoption the baby done nothing it’s the scumbag who raped her

  18. We are already in polzeath pitched up for a few hours… moving on to New area in the morning. There is 5 of us.

  19. Romans 14:1 calls us to not quarrel over disputable matters. I don't think it really matters when the rapture happens, as long as it does.

  20. I didn't confirm. There's just clearly no reasoning with you

  21. No reasoning because what I said was factual and you can’t argue with facts without sounding crazy

  22. Seek and it shall be added unto you my friend, wanting to know him is the first step so your on the right track I’ll pray for you right now, God bless you man 💙

  23. That it ain’t all easy but it’s damn well worth it, your gonna be convicted by the Holy Spirit of a lot more things then you think when you come to God and try to form a relationship the first thing your gonna feel is disgust he’s gonna point out every wicked sin you’ve ever committed going back to child hood, you confess them to him (no excuses) just simply confess and ask forgiveness, next time your gonna feel is this total inner peace knowing you are washed clean.

  24. Yea xans are hard to find in my little old town. I was lucky to cop a few of these do I wasn’t for sure. Thanks!

  25. Just train yourself once you fall, get up get on your knees pray to him confess your struggling he knows your weak, I was the same he’s changed my heart I’m so on guard with things of lust, the devil keeps throwing stuff in our face to try and get us to fall, my friend God will change you confess and repent everytime you fall

  26. Smoking anything is bad, the medical benefits of it are good not smoked tho, that damages the lungs

  27. Praying for you bro God had a plan for your life the enemy tells you he doesn’t 🙏🏻

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