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  1. Hey does anyone know if, say, Draymond gets suspended for a few games and doesn't get paid, if that salary counts against the luxury tax or not?

  2. You'll be amazed how little this incident will matter to anyone by the time next summer comes around.

  3. Lol by the time we start the season on a 10 game winning streak 😏

  4. It's racism plain and clear, switch word white for black in a sport where white people are dominant and you'd get people calling for heads, fuck Igoudala, never liked him anyway.

  5. Dude no it's not, it's simply an observation. There aren't nearly as many white people playing basketball as there are playing hockey or QB

  6. I hate this decision. My hatred for this decision is multi-layered.

  7. Do you have a source for the allegations? I tried looking it up but couldn't find anything on this guy unfortunately.

  8. PG. Steph Curry SG. Klay Thompson SF. Kawhi Leonard PF. Giannis Antetokounmpo C. Nikola Jocic

  9. Eight guys had to find new mansions because of this trade. Big trade for the moving industry.

  10. Lol maybe if they all chipped in they could rent a mansion for the season 🤷🏽‍♂️

  11. Cmon man, let's see that Utah Jazz flair

  12. Anyone in SF : Oakland have any idea where a late night pub might have preseason game on? Guessing not since it’s at 3am but just curious.

  13. Ooo that might be a tough one to find.

  14. I think the Udoka situation puts outspoken NBA players like Draymond and Lebron in a tough situation.

  15. You're making a lot of assumptions, we don't know yet if Udoka abused his authority or "only" committed workplace sexual harassment. The head coach isn't really a powerful position the way a GM or owner is either. It's irresponsible to make statements when there haven't been any confirmed abuses of power whereas the Sarver stuff was confirmed by dozens of people.

  16. If you had to choose, who would you rather be right now: Sarver or Adam Lavine?

  17. Lol Sarver's net worth is supposedly 800 million versus Adam Lavine's ~168 million. Either way, at that point I'd be rich enough to not care so yeah, Lavine all the way for me.

  18. h/junkit is saying The Carribean is considered part of Central America & a lot of Baseball players come from the islands.

  19. I know, and he's wrong, no one from the Caribbean or Central America considers the Caribbean to be a part of Central America. You can even look at the Wikipedia article to see what is considered Central America:

  20. If you're considering Wikipedia an authority, this is from the disambiguation page:

  21. So based on the figures from the Caribbean article on Wiki, there are 25,630,273 people in the Spanish speaking areas of the Caribbean (Cuba, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico). If you lump Panama and Nicaragua in with the Caribbean nations as Baseball preferring countries, you have about 36 million people versus 41 million people in countries that prefer soccer/football (Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, and Costa Rica). So even if you lumped in the Caribbean with Central America, it would still be incorrect to say that Baseball is the most popular sport in Central America.

  22. He’s top 10 ever but I completely am against the idea he’s in the conversation for the top spot. When everyone who’s ever came before you earned that right by transforming their team and leading them through the mud you don’t get extra credit for quitting on several teams to jump the most convenient situation. And then still losing a lot of titles on top that.

  23. Kawhi was the best player in the 2021 playoffs. He can easily be called top 10 still

  24. Lol no he wasn't. Giannis was far better than Kawhi and actually played more than 2 series.

  25. Didn’t even realize Kyrie had 60 last year. This year I bet RJ Barrett will have 94

  26. You can be a bust BECAUSE you’ve only played 40 games (in 3 seasons!!!)

  27. In 3 seasons? He played 40 games his first season, was injured his second season and....... I only count 2 seasons here. Don't gotta lie just to set up a false narrative.

  28. Question for yall: Who would you guys most want to see have a breakout year next season? Maybe it's Steph for the extra legacy points, maybe it's Klay getting back to form, Dray for the team success that comes from him being great, or one of the young guys.

  29. Yes, Lebron GOAT case gets weaker the moment he stops playing.

  30. Was Curry really more fortunate though? I think Lebron's own bad decision making have more to do with his lackluster postseason success than just getting lucky or unlucky. If anything, Lebron actually had quite a bit of luck in having both Kyrie and AD healthy for 2 of his rings considering how injury prone they've been overall.

  31. Yes, Curry was. Just from team building and not having playoffs ending injury happening to you or 2nd best teammate in your contention years (ex, OKC).

  32. On the flipside though, you have people discrediting Steph's career because he doesn't have the "longevity" of Lebron or Kareem due to being a late bloomer due to injuries. Also, even if Steph wasn't injured, it's actually quite common to have all time greats and high draft picks on teams that get more high draft picks within the next 2-3 years. For example, the Lakers getting Worthy, the Spurs getting Duncan after already having Robinson, OKC getting Westbrook and Harden with the 4th and 3rd overall picks after getting KD. Curry has also had bad injury luck in 2016 and 2019-2021.

  33. Man I am so sad Javale isn't on the Suns anymore. He was so good for us. Dallas got a good one.

  34. Warriors fan here, every offseason I advocate for getting this man back but he always gets good money elsewhere lol :'(

  35. Nothing. Curry has had a massive advantage in coaching, support players, etc. over LeBron throughout his career. It's practically impossible for Curry to pass LeBron no matter how many titles and awards he will win in a realistic scenario.

  36. Lol what does coaching have to do with it? I don't even disagree with you but is MJ not the goat because he was coached by Phil Jackson?

  37. Booker over Steph (I'll see my way out 👀)

  38. Have we ever got the statement edition jerseys with a clear picture? I'm cautiously optimistic cuz I've liked all the black color jerseys to date in the current bridge logo era. I remember seeing it was some black to gold vertical transition thing.

  39. I'd ask again tomorrow, seems everyone went to bed on the pacific daylight timezone

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