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  1. ask for her number first, if she says no then maybe ask if she would like yours. even if she does say yes, this doesn't mean she's necessarily interested in you romantically, so be careful with that. it does seem like she does like you tho.

  2. I doubt anyone would care much lol. makeup is fun and all but it's not like we wouldn't give it up if it stopped people from literally dying

  3. get out of that relationship asap. he sounds manipulative af, the fact that he called you a bitch for protecting your family should be enough of a red flag to block him everywhere

  4. if you don't like her, don't date her. don't waste her time she could be spending with someone who actually loves her however she is and won't lose interest once her image changes.

  5. please don't rush to get married. you have all the time in the world and if there's no urgent reason for yall to get married, just take it easy. relationships are not about hurrying for the next step, and even if it's understandable that you're excited to get married, you have so much time ahead of you and so much growing to do still, both with your partner and by yourself. if you're not 100% sure that this is the right time to get married, then don't. wait until you're completely sure that this is the right time.

  6. That's true. I've never been real good at listening to myself on what I want/need. I don't want to rush into it and I feel like I am and I think that is what's freaking me out a bit. I just need to be okay with holding off until we're both equally ready for it.

  7. right! I'm sure so many people could tell you rushing into important life commitments (specialy marriage) is usually not a good idea. you're young, just take your time to figure yourself out. wanting to get married is not a bad thing so don't feel wrong for it, but when it comes down to it, please be completely sure that it's definitely something that you're both ready for

  8. thank you to everyone that replied!! I will go to bed now but im already feeling much better about this whole thing. I have not spoken spoken my partner about this yet and he's never given me a reason to think he wouldn't respect my wishes, but since I'm not very experienced in relationships I wanted to be sure so that i don't seem cold or fake for acting a different way in front of other people. the other person in the conversation has notoriously more male-centric views of the world so after some thought I've decided not to take him very seriously

  9. NTA- relationships need to have boundaries and they can change and vary depending on the situation. Your BF also needs to understand that PDA and affection private or affection with friends are two completely different things that feel completely different. Make sure that that boundary is set strictly and if he’s still going beyond the boundary, then you need to have a stern talk or even if he breaks the boundary to many times the best thing would be to break up. If a boundary can’t be set with a person you love, then sadly they aren’t meant to be and can make your relationship even worse.

  10. yes! that's why it felt so strange when this person told me to accept physical affection all the time, it just feels wrong in certain settings. and I haven't talked about it with my boyfriend (will do now, since apparently everyone agrees that this other dude was just being weird) but he has always been very respectful and has never questioned or tested my boundaries, which is why I didn't think it would be an issue until the other person brought it up. thank you for the insight! !

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