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  1. Poor old Dubbo! Doomed to go down in herstory as the Day of the Banana Bread! What is with this woman and bananas?!!

  2. years ago, there was (i think) an Australian woman on YT who called herself “freelee the banana girl” or something like. she was a total loon of a vegan - one of those vegans who make me embarrassed to tell strangers i’m a vegan! she ate 30/40 bananas a day, maybe?

  3. I was definitely a hate/lolz follower of GOOP in the early days, but never a sincere one. I had never heard of Meghan before dating Harry, let alone the Tig.

  4. He gets Markled from time to time and lays down and accepts it. Remeber when Meghan threw him under the bus in High Court during her PRIVA-SAY case against the Mail on Sunday? She called Frinding Freedom thoroughly "anodine" when she denied any cooperation with Scobie. Of course this was before she had to apologize to the court for lying about doing just that

  5. Sorry, don't understand. Why would it be unusual to decide to move somewhere after a visit?

  6. If you are the source of the leak, you wait until you get out of town to leak your presence in said town

  7. It appears Markle and Aitch are confusing "license to occupy" with a formal lease, or at least using the confusion--legally or otherwise--to their advantage. They have a "license to occupy" Frogmore, as stated in the most recent Duchy of Cornwall annual accounts, not a lease.

  8. I've gifted you a redditor with a glass holding a refreshing beverage because I think you're going to need it. I will eagerly await your assessment!

  9. Not only that, I think Harry *believes he is responsible* for his own popularity in 2018. But he is confusing a PR image of himself with reality. His hubris knows no bounds. To be fair I'm sure ELF (Edward Lane Fox) and others kept a lot of the behind-the-scenes work on "Project Rehabilitate Harry's Image" secret from him. His ego likely couldn't handle it.

  10. She was leaking like crazy when she lived in New York in the 2010s. It was the first time I had ever seen legit royal gossip was hitting the blind goss sites etc. Most of it was shitting on Catherine--obviously Markle and Eugenie both perceive her as their shared enemy.

  11. haha this was thew same headline the Sun used when Dan Wootton broke Megxit... "we're ORF!"

  12. Off topic but I never did understand how so many of MM's usual fashion critics said this was one of her "best looks." To me it just looked like a bunch of 1980s Speedo one-piece swimsuits stitched together

  13. I think she’s getting “work” done in preparation for the coronation.

  14. Yes I'm sure there's a way to make our voice heard at least. Especially since there seem to be many Sinners who know and appreciate Dr Gabor Mate's work, and can speak about how an "intimate conversation" with Harry after WAGGH feels like the antithesis to it

  15. Posted this elsewhere. Forbes reported in January that the initial US print run for Spare was 2 million copies. Trade data from Publishers Weekly this week list US total hardcover Spare book sales at 1,008,000. Last week's US sales were just 26k. They still need to shift a million copies from that initial print run.

  16. So when you sign a contract you agree to participate in any book promotion your publisher sets up? (Just curious because it might explain the “addiction expert’s” involvement, if he also has a book. Or maybe he is just being paid. 🤷🏻‍♀️)

  17. Obligations that specific wouldn’t be included in the contract as the deal was signed and closed as early as July 2021 when the news leaked, but very likely earlier. The book wasn’t written at the time, and the publication too far off to nail down individual promotional commitments.

  18. Gabor is a genius in his field. I feel so heartbroken that he is being used for clout by the grifters.

  19. Painful to do I’m sure, but it’s all in the effort of keeping the high-quality of this sub what it is. Thank you as ever to all MODS for all of your work

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