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Those of you who live in small towns, what is the current local controversy all about?

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  1. According to Google Earth the parking lot was put in between 8/2004 and 8/2005.

  2. Was at Red Rocks for the D&C shows back in October in our stealth minivan. It didn't fly at the parking in Red Rocks. We just found the nearest Chain motel and parked in their parking lot. You might get a free breakfast in the morning if you are a hooligan. Be smart.

  3. Most of the “rent to own” shed places also do carports. That’s the extent of my carport knowledge:

  4. In my county, the Appraiser's Office valuates "Carports" as "Sunshades". This can help with property valuations and might have an impact on your property tax.

  5. i live in a small town in wisconsin of about 3000 people, one kid that goes to my high school is a well known rapist with 8 counts of 3rd and 2nd degree sexual assault (some of which are children). he’s on the varsity football and basketball team which just baffles me considering everyone but a very select group of people hate him. he went to court recently to face the charges and ended up getting bailed out for $10,000. nobody knows for sure who bailed him but most people think it was his father. the school has been going crazy lately about it and more women have to live in fear of him.

  6. I feel for everyone in your community and school. I cannot believe that he is able to be in school and society at this point let alone participate in sports. Stay strong, stay aware, and all of you women need to stand tall together.

  7. i’m a guy but i agree 100% with what you say, it’s terrifying for women who go to my school and it breaks my heart when my girl friends talk to me about how they’re scared of him.

  8. Just be that guy for all of the women/girls in your school. Let them know that being with you is a safe place. Lead by example for some of the other dudes in your school. The rapist will get what is coming to him soon enough. Stay strong for everyone, bro.

  9. You have a garage sale, then you donate the leftovers to a thrift store. If you don't have a garage, have a yard sale. If having your own sale is too much of a hassle, then you donate them all.

  10. Sheep. I really love the subtle stereo chorus on the keys. Headphones are key to this album, as most, but really on this one!

  11. Because they like country music. I am sorry, but that is a giant red flag for so many things that will eventually come up as an issue in the relationship down the road.

  12. Synchronicity. During the time my wife and I were dating the amount of things that connected together through talking, reading, or anything was very strong. So much that it was/is impossible to ignore. It is still this way after all these years together. The connection we made from the beginning was and still is cosmic. Our lives up until we met were never secure or whole. Sometimes the universe speaks, and when it does, listen and pay attention.

  13. Park in the Kemper parking lot and watch, you too can say you saw a concert at Kemper Arena. Kansas City’s architectural magnum opus

  14. West Bottoms is great, where were you coming from?

  15. 1977 here. I was late to computer games because of consoles. But Command And Conqueror Red Alert was the first computer game I remember. Also No Remorse was a game I enjoyed on my computer.

  16. When you talk to the person you might find out something as to why he is not mowing the back. If there is a legit reason, then perhaps you could mow a little area of it for his dogs to dook it up over there. Like turn off your mower before going over there, mow the area and leave unmowed grass between your yard and his. Don't give the dogs a mowed highway to use to get to your property.

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