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  1. Am I the only one who liked this movie?

  2. Still doubting on Him due to his Acting performance as Black Adam

  3. I guess a little bit of Kyoshi is still there

  4. I'm talking mostly about the bending scenes. Because bending is something supernatural it won't look good with effects or CGI.

  5. This might sound cliche but imagine Bart finds out where Wally is and knows he isn't dead

  6. Hot take aang is stronger than korra he hast the most powerful element as his original element

  7. Aang would win if he wasn’t a pacifist breath bending op

  8. Blame Nickelodeon for messing with the Writers....etc to create a masterpiece with korra

  9. I think Asami can afford that just to put it in her office and look at that when she's struggling with something 🥺🥰

  10. When he said “It’s Morbin time!” And then Morbed everyone it truly made me feel at home. I am forever grateful to Dr. Micheal Morbius for that.

  11. Morbius is just the best movie ever made period. You have to see it to believe it.

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