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  1. Josh's defensive capability is really exaggerated rn. He's nowhere near a lockdown defender for us now and not that versatile defensively

  2. I feel like he has his moments where his defense is top notch and other times it's just ok. he's absolutely able to defend top offensive talents (for example KD in their last mavs game against the suns). I feel like he can still grow though.

  3. Go for it. There will be no negative consequences

  4. I mean you’re not scoring on that team, they don’t even need a fifth.

  5. i mean adding for example Jaden McDaniels would probably be too OP lol

  6. you use it when you find out bolsonaro is admitted to a hospital again

  7. I have no idea what you mean by this. I just posted a dumbass that doesn't want to solve homelessness but just hates homeless people. How does this tie in to trans people?

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