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  1. Never had a bad experience at the keg. Perfect steaks every time. Gotta go with garlic mashed over fries though.

  2. Is that right? Honestly hasn't happened to me. I order medium rare and that's what I get. When I go to most other restaurants, I'll order rare so I get medium rare. I'll try the French onion next time.

  3. I ordered a pick up where I went to get food myself and the waiter had put 18% tip and I was bruh ….

  4. Here is the worst part It was milestones in Etobicoke I was really shocked by this behaviour I never went back there again

  5. I prefer the McDonald's at Queen and Sherburne, now that's an unforgettable experience

  6. What’s that light in the corner? And he’s about a second when I time it. Very cool and fast.

  7. I would agree lol it tasted nice it wasn’t pub style nachos because they wanted to be “fancy”

  8. Hey on the plus side it looks healthier than any other nachos so yay for that :p

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