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  1. I heard this version first tbh, and when I heard Greg Kihn’s version, I thought he was singing I was on Jeopardy

  2. Sorry, but it’s a performative eyesore.

  3. It’s the treatment afterward. But you’re entitled to your opinion. Just don’t act like Don is a saint lol

  4. Lots of guys on here treat Don Draper as a role model unfortunately.

  5. I mean, they’re aging pretty well. We should all be so lucky.

  6. To borrow a phrase from Gen Z, this song slaps.

  7. It’s all fun and games until somebody loses a nipple

  8. If you don’t know me by now, you will never never never know me

  9. No actually I found a new job in a matter of weeks. It was so fast and painless this time around. 47F. Maybe just depends on industry and geographic location?

  10. What is your industry if you don’t mind me asking?

  11. If I read the Secret Life of Cows, I’d probably never eat beef again.

  12. I‘m a confirmed 9 and I rarely ever got hit on when I went out before I met my husband because I look hard to approach and have resting bitch face 😂 In my experience, approachable and easy-to-talk-to girls get hit on.

  13. By the ultimate authority I’m sure: straight white males! (Kidding…kinda)

  14. The Patty Winters Show this morning was about UFOs That Kill.

  15. I’m in my office attempting yesterday’s New York Times Sunday crossword puzzle, listening to rap music on the stereo, trying to fathom its popularity.

  16. Don't glorify these guys. I worked with them. They were not the good guys and they even knew it.

  17. you say it like that wasn’t the most interesting and memorable sketch of the year

  18. Interesting and memorable for sure…also off-putting and not particularly funny to me.

  19. Somebody upstairs lookin out for him, sheesh

  20. Diane's down near jackie's lap, got her mouth around his pole~

  21. The fuck is a glory hole restaurant? Am I having my wiener sucked during my dining experience? Or am I sucking wiener as the dining experience? Or am I just being served corn cobs and hot dog through a hole in the wall?

  22. 🎵Suckin’ on chili dogs, outside the Glory Hole

  23. It’s lovely and glowing but the colours look a bit too warm for you?? I think you need to define your top lashes a bit more. Remember makeup will look more natural in the photos

  24. Agreed on too warm, especially with a crisp-cool stark-white wedding dress (and your icy-hazel eyes!). Maybe a more rosy color? Or a purple to bring out the green in your eyes.

  25. What’s in Bowie? I was always under the impression it’s a boring town with nothing interesting to do. Been there multiple times and besides the baysox it’s not got much draw imo.

  26. Not only is it a great place to live, but it has some good shopping and restaurants. The Baysox are worthwhile going to see. There used to be a huge flea market at the same stadium. But overall, not a great place for tourism but a great place to live

  27. Eh, their shopping and restaurants are all chains that you can find in any other suburban town.

  28. That is correct. Nothing of note there except suburbia.

  29. If you’re a woman in MD, your reproductive rights are more secure going forward than in VA.

  30. Maryland: our drivers may be idiots, but our roads are idiot-proof.

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