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Prisoners allowed to adopt cats: The idea behind this initiative is to take animals from a cat shelter and place them in the correctional facility so inmates could take care of them. The program quickly proved to be beneficial for both the adorable cats and inmates.

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  1. What exactly is she wearing and what are your expectations? When I’m with kids my main clothing concerns are comfort, flexibility, durability. I am in leggings / joggers and a sweatshirt nearly every day.

  2. I’m trying to give her the benefit of the doubt that since my boss knew this has happened in the past, she thought calling mom would be the best idea. As someone who’s never seen one before, it was terrifying. I can’t stop thinking about it since. Side note: paramedics said since her temperate was rising and dropping quickly that it didn’t seem to be the same type of seizure she’s had in the past. I’m assuming I won’t hear anything until Monday, but I’m praying for her ❤️😭

  3. I think it’s pretty common to not call 911 unless the seizure lasts longer than 5 minutes, which may be why your director called mom first. You still should have absolutely been made aware of her conditions and what steps to take. I’m sorry that happened to you!

  4. Why haven’t they transitioned him? That was my other point to them. What is the plan for this student? No answer.

  5. Could they be delayed do to potty training? I’m an RBT and work with one of my kids in his preschool class. It’s really unfair that they suggested you are incompetent. I’m his aide and he’s still a handful for teachers! I would suggest seeing what triggers behavior and doing work in the antecedent to stop behavior from happening. For example, if he really struggles with transitioning from one activity to the next, try a visual schedule. If he won’t stay at an activity for long, try a token board where he earns a break after getting x amount of tokens. When he is acting out, give him space to calm down and then follow through on whatever caused the upset (he still has to clean up / share the toy / go potty / etc).

  6. To be fair, I have two cats and 1 litter box. They get along quite well, never had any problems. If one cat is using it, the other will just wait for them to finish.

  7. My fiancé and I have 2 cats and 1 box because we live with roommates and there isn’t another place to put 1, let alone 2, more. They do a really good job of sharing it and we just scoop poop as soon as we know it’s there.

  8. If the kid was a girl who got her first period, would OOP make their child sit in their own blood until they were available to take them to the store?

  9. I walked in this morning and 2b looks at me and goes “need space” 😂 which is what I’ve been teaching him to say instead of “leave me alone” so I was super proud 💛

  10. That’s awesome! Another great phrase for kiddos is “I need a break”. I work with kids on the spectrum and I always try and teach them that one.

  11. When I was little my mom would pick me up from preschool earlier that my siblings on some days and sometimes I would spend the whole afternoon playing by myself in my room. My poor mom wanted to hang out and I would be like “no thanks, I’m good mommy”. I just needed time to decompress. I did and still do value my alone time

  12. I got eaten out in my driveway at night once - not in the car, out in the open. I also had sex on a (mostly) empty beach

  13. Secondhand smoke is dangerous. I would prioritize my health and ask off the case. If the family has not respected your request to smoke outside and your higher ups have not stood up for you in 2 years I don’t think they will now.

  14. NTA - if it’s just pee I often don’t wash my hands in the middle of the night either. Its not like I get pee on my hands at all. It might be a bit gross but honestly, humans are a bit gross and sleep is more important at 3am

  15. This makes my heart hurt. I loved Amanda Bynes movies growing up. I really hope she gets the help she needs.

  16. I would send a text or email to parents and say something like “hey, I am planning to overlap session on (insert day). I wanted to give you a heads up that I have recently recovered from Covid. I have just finished my quarantine period and am symptom free, but I wanted to give you the option of having telehealth overlap / skipping overlap this week. Please let me know 24 hours before your overlap day what you would prefer. Thanks!”

  17. What if you got him a bunch of fabric samples? He could have a box of fabric that is okay to rip instead of his clothes. Fabric stores sell bundles (fat quarters / charm packs) at pretty affordable prices.

  18. I’ve been having so many CR problems! Today it just deleted half of my sessions data!!

  19. That sounds insane to me…. That is a ton of hours a week with one client. I would question if it’s ethical to authorize 8 hours of therapy a day - especially with only one BT. It will be very difficult not to form a dual relationship spending your entire work week with them.

  20. Birth control is very personal so I won’t push you in any direction, but this is my experience.

  21. I had a 5 year old NK tell me “daddy’s penis is wayyy bigger than mine”

  22. Oh 🥴 Never had that one but I have been told how smelly and big DBs poops are. but let’s not talk about other people’s poop please

  23. It was so awkward - especially when he started to show me with his hands just how big he meant! Turns out they had taken a shower together that morning hahaha. We had a talk about not talking about other people’s bodies

  24. Maybe parents can get a kid kitchen set. He could open and close the cabinet / oven doors

  25. A top sheet, no blanket or comforter. I cannot sleep without something heavy on me.

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