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  1. I walk with my hands holding behind my back and I've started developing shoulder pain because of staying in that position for too long.

  2. inside you the bowl there are two wolves

  3. When mixed, in person, it looks like baby food. My camera does not do it justice, lol xD

  4. Crying because Gardein stopped selling in my country and I miss the fillets so much

  5. Someone from the UK just said that Gardein stopped selling there. I'm in Canada so we still have them. I wish you guys luck though

  6. Yep, I’m in the uk and I’m so close to going to Canada just so I can taste them one last time

  7. I am a bit slow in the head lol I thought it was one of those squeezable coin purses.

  8. waaait … vegan babybel is a thing?

  9. Man i really tried tofu in so many variations but i just don‘t like it, i never liked eggs and the texture reminds me of a fried egg, any tipps for me?

  10. I used to dislike tofu a lot when I first started eating it, since it wasn't something I was used to.

  11. I eat a lot of kale and the only other one I eat is the occasional broccoli. I choose kale

  12. I appreciate the response and the info. I’ll have to look into those links when I have some more time.

  13. From what I've read, chickens generally can't tell the difference between a fertile egg and an infertile egg, so they would treat them both equally. Some may eat their eggs for nutrients (since laying eggs is hard work and can take a lot out of them) others may just let them rot and push them out of the nest then.

  14. The chicken’s perception and its possible suffering from having its eggs removed from a nest or elsewhere isn’t something I had considered. Very interesting, thank you for the response

  15. Thanks for your great comment, you are pretty much right with everything.

  16. I'm going to have to do this in two parts since I have too much information.

  17. Thank goodness I'm not the only one! I'm glad you like them too, welcome to the addiction 😹💚

  18. And you were also right about tartar sauce, it made all the difference. (Of course I had to taste test multiple sauces, all in the name of science of course! 🤣😉)

  19. It was supposed to be "deconstructed" but I couldn't remember the word so I used the closest one I could think of xD

  20. I believe the culinary term is Deconstructed Nachos. Not that it matters in this sub.

  21. I almost called them dismembered nachos since I couldn't remember the word, lol

  22. The suspense is killing me, did you eat the babybel?!?

  23. I was full already and I already ate one that day. With the price I decided to just save it

  24. Oh I didn’t even realize - thanks, now I know what to get myself ;)

  25. Where did you get them, fellow Canadian? I wanna try them! Though I'm pretty sure all vegan cheese sucks - happy to be proved wrong!

  26. A bunch of people in the comments of this post don't seem to be a huge fan of them.

  27. I do like it but not so much for savory food I guess, so it’s kind of like if there’s a vanilla aftertaste in a slice of pizza lol

  28. I've never been Christian so I've always wondered, are priests like this knowingly lying? Like, intentionally sinning despite being a priest?

  29. I'm not Christian either but from what I've seen from the interactions I've had with some, they don't believe they're lying or simply aren't lying (just misinformed) most of the time, they genuinely believe what they are saying.

  30. That's a hell of a perk of Christianity that you can just make "lapses in judgement" and people have to forgive you because Jesus.

  31. Unless you're a woman who just gave birth to your husbands baby that has a different hair color then expected, apparently.

  32. What’s the health risk? Curious what disease (or diseases) you’re referring to that poise such a threat to our health.

  33. That’s not what I meant. I’ll clarify. We capture big smart wild animals and force them into cages in a zoo for the rest of their lives. …And here we are feeling bad about the mouse.

  34. I don't support zoos because they are unethical and I don't believe animals are entertainment. We can empathize and care about more than one thing at a time.

  35. Yup, temperature difference and the cold liquid going into a high acid liquid like coffee or strong tea. Lots of vegan creamers have enough emulsifiers added that it doesn’t happen but for basic nondairy milk i add some to my mug, microwave maybe 20 seconds then add the hot coffee

  36. I don't drink coffee my I drink tea and this is definitely a good tip, thank you!!

  37. cat mug post😀😀😀❤️❤️❤️

  38. This is my favorite meal. Sometimes on a bun, sometimes between sliced bread, sometimes without a container at all. Gardein fishless filets are my favorite food!

  39. I adore them. Usually I just eat them on their own, dipped in tarter sauce, but I am in love with them in wraps :)

  40. Well thank you for that very helpful explanation. I do not normally eat meat alternatives, but I'll give these fake fish fillets a try on your recommendation. Everything else sounds right up my alley already! 😋😉

  41. I hope you like them! When I went vegan I pretty much splurged on a bunch of different alternatives before deciding that alternatives, so I've tried a few.

  42. Yes, YTA. You brought a malicious suit against the WRONG person. Now you want to continue that suit, perjur yourself, and possibly wind up with felony charges, because you couldn't afford to bring the suit, in the first place? Maybe you should have looked more into it before you brought a lawsuit. Now you should be the one to pay the price. Not the innocent woman.

  43. If OP does go through with this, I hope their friend finds this post and uses it in court.

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