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AITA for serving fake meat and pretending it was real?

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  1. This takes me back to when I was a little kid a second arcade opened at the mall. The arcades got into a war to get customers and at one point you could get 10 tokens for a dollar. I played this game EVERY time.

  2. $800,000 was a single (albiet highest ever) recorded day of sales.

  3. Wouldn't 30 thousand a day be more that 800 thousand a month?

  4. Oh, gotcha, I must have still had month stuck in the brain from the previous comment. My bad!

  5. I am responding to your argument that they 'chose to eat it'. People will eat things when they believe you didn't lie about what is or isn't in the food.

  6. But they chose to eat sauce. They ate sauce. Also no one lied to them, unless you count lying by omission. They ate the same ingredients they would have normally eaten, but without meat. Like seriously, making a huge deal about it is ridiculous. My kids told me they only liked brand name cereal when they were younger. So I would take the storbrand bag out of the bag and put it in the brand name box. Holy moly better lock me up! Same ingredients, same food, different presentation. I see very little difference here.

  7. Your reasoning is all over the place. Meat was ommited, yes, but they didn't just have sauce, they ended up eating meat substitute which they didnt want to eat and may contain ingredients that they don't normally have in their diet or don't want to. If I went to a restaurant and ordered beef spag bol and after the meal they were like 'surprise, it was fake meat, haha', I would be raging because that is not what I wanted, not what I ordered, and they don't get to choose what I have to eat just because it 'might be in my normal diet'!

  8. I agree that eating different ingredients would be a different story. What ingredients do you suppose would be in the meat substitute that wouldn't already be reasonably assumed to be in pasta sauce?

  9. Beautiful grass spider. I like feeding them when they appear. They run like hell and I laugh every time.

  10. I'll have to give her a fly today. I'll get my son to catch something. Better yet when I buy small crickets for our lizard I'll throw her a tiny one.

  11. So, you say she makes a cave without tools and moves in, entertains a gentleman, probably dines on him and then lays fertile eggs and dies after a summer of devouring bugs for her host. You gotta admire this gal.

  12. Such a refined lady. I just imagine her putting a napkin around her neck to dine.

  13. Damn that sucks :( … ok I just started out a couple years ago on mountain biking and have a hard rock by specialize … and looking to upgrade with a rear Jekyll suspension…. With that being said has ANYONE ever put in a GPS tracking device into the frame? So if it ever got stolen you just go pick it up?

  14. I wonder if one of those tile thi gs would do it, or maybe even a cheap GPS that you can buy for if your dog gets loose...

  15. Kryptonite U locks are top tier, go for those next time

  16. I had plenty of mice infestations and grew up at the country side. The key to stopping it is close all holes, kind of like with ants. Make sure that there are no gaps and have screens at the windows and doors. I don't want to get into an argument, but if the mouse is healthy, it will eat it's own ticks (mine did after it got better too, as gross as that sounds). As for mites i do not know about any that really harm humans. Also if you have a cat, their smell would very often be enough for the mice to stay away.

  17. To each their own I guess. I live in the city, mice and rats are a big issue and an absolute health hazard. Diseases don't have to be super scary for me to avoid them, disease is disease and I don't want the mild diseases either!

  18. You'd be surprised but relocating them worked wonderfully. As we took one or 2 or 3 outside, we patched more holes, at the time with tape and csrdboard. Mousie was the last one left. We ended up adopting him because of his disability and that's how the whole family discovered how awesome, smart and friendly mice and be... after we found where they were coming from and patched that, we had no more issues.

  19. I'm very happy to hear that, as I said I do love animals, and I'm so glad it worked out for your mousie 🙂

  20. Booze somehow counteracts effects, leading everyone to believe it is safe. They pile in for the next ride. They are wrong.

  21. I was thinking that. Like what if it works like drunk people in a car crash and I survive because I'm drunk?

  22. Is there a way to measure whether someone was in a euphoric state before death? Maybe there is. I don't know.

  23. I wonder if it would be significantly beneficial for a racer starting in the 2nd group to catch up to the peloton from the first group. It seems like a solid strategy to me.

  24. Right, the pigeon eating bird. What did you think it was?

  25. I had a friend that poked me and I never noticed the notification. He died. I now have this unreturned poke as a reminder that I’ll never be able to poke them back.

  26. I had a friend that passed and for months afterward Candy Crush kept sending me notifications to send her a life.

  27. The other thing is we have gotten to the point where you could be as healthy if not more healthy than someone who eats meat. Without eating meat and being on a plant based diet. Most people have the choice to not eat meat because we have a wide variety of foods in the market.

  28. Absolutely I agree it would be better for human kind to at least greatly reduce meat. I don't know if I'm fully sold on any vegan or vegetarian diet being better for someone than an actually healthy diet involving some meat (obviously not eating as much meat as most of eat now). I feel like as "omnivores" (which I think is an oversimplification) nothing will completely substitute the nutrition we gain from meat. My understanding is that our guts and microbiomes are suited for meat digestion, though I am no expert by any means.

  29. Oh agreed. The meat eating habits of most people are way worse for them than if they didn't eat meat at all. Absolutely.

  30. My husband thought maybe one of the robeasts from Voltron, and I think a bad guy from Power Rangers but I can't figure out which one. Good luck!

  31. Maybe Baby... Say that out loud... Mebe bebe

  32. TIL a Serbian farmer stuck a glass bottle up his butt in 1985, contributing to the eventual collapse of Yugoslavia by inciting nationalist tendencies in Serbia at the time

  33. Lift the hind legs and twist like an alligator trying to juice a watermelon.

  34. If that doesn't work there's always the thumb in the butt technique...

  35. I never get this . You call a random number and have a wholesome conversation and here I can’t get anyone to return a Hi back.

  36. When I got my cell phone number years ago it had apparently been someone named Jason's and he must have went to jail. I got calls from the power company about his bill, I got calls from the library about his overdue DVD, calls from his kid's school when his kid hit their head, then he must have got out of jail because the phone blew up with texts from a whole bunch of women with hearts and kissy faces. My favorite though was his grandmother called from Puerto Rico and I told her it was a wrong number, but then she called it again (I guess she thought she dialed it wrong the first time) and we had a nice little chat about the weather and such and then wished each other a nice night.

  37. I keep thinking these posts are an elaborate hoax to get me to believe goldfish have teeth.

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