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To fry a Turkey

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Both Egyptians contestants raising Palestinian flag against their Israeli contender.

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  1. I think it’s a good thing people are standing up doing something that the government isn’t doing to protect their own country. Preventing drugs and sex trafficking from happening.

  2. Look at the numbers, people are being deported and drugs are being confiscated. For example Obama deported more people than any other president.

  3. That’s awful. I have a blood clotting disorder and I would be so fucked if this happened to me.

  4. When I was in high school and worked at Kmart, the store set up a display to show off the turkey fryers for sale.

  5. Yeah my daughter is disabled and this would of been a serious pain in the ass. It’s absolutely impossible for her to walk in the street. But my first instinct would be to talk to the owner and explain lol

  6. Ridiculous to be carrying your baby inside your own home? Give me a fucking break. That’s some of the stupidest shit I have heard.

  7. I literally live six minutes from Club Q. We spend our family bowling nights at a bowling alley next door. I’d be delighted if any of my family members took the time to check in on me or my wife and kids even though it’s not a place we ever go. Your brother should feel grateful for your concern.

  8. How is your family doing? Kids? Must be hard to have this happen so close to you

  9. I’m going through the comments trying to see if there’s any other info

  10. I was homeless for years even though my husband and I both worked. But I had a life saving medication that was not covered under my insurance that cost 900$ every 10 days. I saw a comment saying homeless are filthy animals and I am sorry but you have no idea what you are talking about.

  11. What you should be most angry about are not the homeless (symptom) but the lack of public services and healhcare (cause).

  12. As a vegetarian/vegan you get asked a tremendous amount of silly shit. If this hurts your brain….you have no idea

  13. You know even organic growing techniques use herbicides? I know what you mean and what you are referring to but what you want to refer to is more specific than "herbicide".

  14. I am secretly in love with that subreddit. They are absolute maniacs. Could never accuse them of being boring

  15. Is there actual proof of him being a racist or a legitimate colonizer? I absolutely cannot stand the guy and think he deserves all the backlash that comes his way. Just wondering about those two.

  16. Black Tesla employees describe a culture of racism: ‘I was at my breaking point’

  17. This will get downvoted into oblivion but I don’t really understand all the Elon hate. A few years ago he was the poster boy of Reddit and now he’s public enemy number 2. He bought Twitter and wanted to change the direction and culture of the company, what did everyone expect? The policies to be the same? He wants everyone to work hard to turn the company in the direction he wants, as he has the right to do considering he paid 44 billion dollars for it. Not everyone is going to want to stay for his reign and he gave them a way out along with a generous severance package, I don’t really see the issue and all the unwarranted insults like calling him a racist for this? I’m by no means an Elon simp, it’s just funny to see Reddit take a complete 180 on this guy.

  18. No such thing as a decent billionaire. You don’t get that much money without trampling everyone in the way

  19. It’s more environmentally sound to just leave the leaves. Just don’t let it mat up too much under piles of snow. It’ll be fine, save money on fertilizer in the spring.

  20. Relax, I inquired about the type of dog. There’s a no kill shelter by me that takes American Staffordshire Terriers because they are considered ‘more redeemable’ (that specific subset that broke away a century ago and was bred for appearance rather than fighting)

  21. I was simply explaining why I asked if it was a Staffordshire lol. Idle curiosity while looking at the sad dog and pondering it’s fate. No platitudes or aspersions or indications of my personal opinion

  22. To be fair, one could really abuse that by looking for easy and mediocre tasks to appear busy while not actually being busy. Might seem immoral to some, but i ain't gonna lose money to a slow day

  23. I’m sure it’ll still pop out in a stationary accident, but I’m convinced that it is a very low possibility and everyone is totally fine breast feeding in what looks like a parking garage

  24. That’s not a bad point actually. Should definitely move to the back in a stationary car.

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