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Post Match Thread: Real Madrid 3-1 Manchester City (AET) [6-5 on agg.] [Real Madrid qualify for the UEFA Champions League Final!]

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  1. The area I live in you have $2500 studios for rent literally 2 blocks away from skid row which is one of the worst areas you'll ever see in a modern American city.

  2. You are saying this as though increases in rent aren’t a direct contributor to homelessness and poverty

  3. He’s done a fine job so far! Glad to have him in our city.

  4. I also think a Palestine episode would be very very cool and I imagine it's on their list for upcoming episodes already.

  5. What the actual fuck is that. I'm doing med in the UK and it'll be 48 at the most after I graduate... And you mfers are doing 100. Fucking double...

  6. Well we also have to go to an undergraduate school first, and we pay tens of thousands of dollars per semester. So everything is fine and cool in the good ol usa

  7. We pay £9250 per semester. Ofc Student loans are different here, but still far from desirable. We also spend many more years than you specialising (2 years of foundation training minimum, 8 years for the majority of specialisations after that, including annual exams / interviews etc, and it's incredibly unlikely that you'll pass through every year without problems).

  8. Doctors in America certainly do make a fuck ton of money, but you’re right they work ridiculous hours and have to jump through so many ridiculous hoops. A big part of many doctors days is spent convincing insurance company workers (who are not doctors) that the prescriptions and treatments for their patients are justified and appropriate. US healthcare is truly abysmal.

  9. Finally a good grand finals. Glad the spacies didn’t all buster out

  10. Is not Thaaat big of an upset tbh. Considering he got 2nd at Genesis and beat Mango and Leffen this tourney

  11. I like how salty people want to act like puff players should play the way that favors their opponent.

  12. Hbox talks about how all the foxes just camp him, mango doesn’t camp him, and his response is still to camp the whole set.

  13. He's so perfectly on the Zain trajectory, we might have our second new generation #1 contender pretty soon which is super hype

  14. I don't get it. Where's the massive parking lot 3x the size of the stadium?

  15. When I was living in Boston a bicycle delivery guy riding the wrong way killed a lady.

  16. While you were living in boston there were probably 5 or more pedestrians killed by cars every year.

  17. I don't necessarily disagree with what this dude has to say in general, but god I hate when people talk about pleading guilty as though it means that someone is genuinely admitting to whatever crime they are accused of. It almost always JUST means that they have agreed to a deal with the prosecutor in an attempt to limit their punishment.

  18. I really enjoyed learning about this. I have read a bit about Yemen before but it’s very complicated and not easy to get into, so I appreciated hakims perspective and background information.

  19. As a diehard mango fan I can honestly say they really tried to give him the best possible pool and overseeded him imo

  20. Where would you have seeded him? Can he possibly be below jmook? Because he beat ibdw and llod and none like mango has done a million times? Maybe leffen could be above him but that also feels wrong.

  21. I'd have seeded him below leffen and maybe plup but above jmook, but that entire section of the bracket (4-7) is really messed up, I think mango just benefited from dodging leffen and plup in pools, no disrespect to jmook but I dont know any player who would rather play plup or leffen than jmook just because he is less proven

  22. Mango outplaced plup at genesis... What has plup possibly done that would outweigh mangos amazing performances all of last year and a 2nd at summit 12? Leffen also didnt attend genesis, and he didnt do amazing at pound getting 3-0d by amsa. I think 4th is honestly a totally fair seeding for mango.

  23. I’m pretty sure the work he’s putting in now is to get good opportunities for other clubs. I’ve seen this happen so many times, a player who suddenly plays amazing with 4 months left on his contract ´

  24. He also got married last December and his friend Aubameyang joined the team, not to mention the new manager. This is a very cynical take, especially considering dembeles biggest problem was always injuries not his performance.

  25. Damn liverpool really have the best lb and rb in the world on the same team

  26. Oh no it was that Madrid were such a good team? Is that what you saw today?

  27. Bruh what is up with Benzema. I know it was offside but still

  28. To be fair he did get hit in the nuts not 20 minutes ago

  29. Agreed, people acting here as if Modric did not engage either.

  30. Modric is clearly pushing into him at the time, not sure what anyone else is seeing.

  31. Maybe people dont want to live in high density areas where the air quality sucks and it takes 30min to drive 1 mile and higher crime rates.

  32. Braindead take. The pollution and traffic comes from people who live outside of the cities forcing car-centric infrastructure on cities. People who live in well structured cities don’t need cars. Crime is also an issue related to poverty and disinvestment and not intrinsic to cities.

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