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  1. Grant needs to have a Miami Vice dub at Homestead to get into the final 4

  2. Anything is possible when Greenville Pickens/Chevy Dealer owner, Bowman Gray exec, and TV exec are the appeals panel

  3. Mini-Cody in a chair, a Tiny-Yeley, Joey Hand’s car is showing the yams, Kvyat’s car is accustomed to the European opposite side of the road, & Josh Williams’ car is bringing the milkshake

  4. I kinda remember this match. This was during the formation of Diamond Mind with Tyler Rust and that Japanese dude

  5. Wallchair, the only gravitational-pulled seat to sit down and play Mooncar in

  6. It's gotta be full-time Xfinity in 2023. Either a second SHR car or an SS-Green Light Racing entry with SHR support.

  7. Or an RSS Racing entry with SHR support. Maybe #38 to honor her father’s legacy with 38

  8. Ryan said recently they haven’t committed to a manufacturer for next season.

  9. That’s not the greatest news, it’s getting late into the season with a short offseason. They’ve been running well with Fords

  10. The return of James Davison. He’s instantly a favorite to win in the 18 this weekend

  11. Man was cooking. Definitely gonna get offered a G League spot or Summer League team spot in the future

  12. He was voted most-improved and was slept on during last season’s stint in the G-League. And he was a rookie in the G-League too.

  13. Did Cody’s paint scheme change I haven’t seen the rimegepant car today

  14. What kind of special idiot is using his extra chromosome to schedule these commercials?

  15. At this point, I can see Fox going to commercial on the final lap, presented by Credit One

  16. No clue what his plans are for next year but I’d love to see Vargas have a Beard-type situation where an above-average team brings him in for plate races

  17. I like that idea for him. He knows how to put a fast lap in which the Beard 62 needs for their 4 Superspeedway races

  18. yes if cup could actually pull over a full field, otherwise it doesn’t matter

  19. Mini-Cody with a 1:24 scale car compared to the spotter guide 1:64s this week

  20. This is a good opportunity for Kvyat. Network with connections from driving in Hezeberg’s 26 to a better ride.

  21. AEW Dark wedding nuptials of Regal and Excalibur with Billy Gunn as the ring bearer wearing his Billy & Chuck ring gear while The Acclaimed as ordained ministers. One big scissor me daddy ass with the iconic, disgusted Regal face

  22. Cars would be out of town before it gets that way. Storm will be in the south Carolina’s late Friday, then Saturday into North Carolina.

  23. Ross Chastain has to be loving this. Everybody’s forgotten about his early season bumper cars.

  24. Ross been like a fly on the wall or stuck on a watermelon scented fly trap

  25. At Halloween Havoc, Bron is going to wear the chain mail headdress

  26. Hi Ryan, would you be doing more studio panels for The Pace Lap international feed during Sundays when Jessie Punch isn’t at the track?

  27. Would love to see Joe Nemechek goes into the 26 in place of Derek Griffith

  28. I couldn’t remember the exact formula or find the article, but as far as I could remember the closer to the track it is the better his performance is.


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