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  1. Steak is better with no veggies but some sauce

  2. The man literally marinating in literature. That's what I want to see from a developmental psychologist.

  3. That guitar Billie Joe played was kinda cringey tbh like Bruce Springsting or something which was cringe too..

  4. My ex had a vag like a classic beef and cheddar too.

  5. Could be wearing a cup having had experience with kids hitting them there?

  6. My manager while checking out just added some extra fee or somethin

  7. Probably the time someone came is hot Italian footlong no meet no veggies no cheese just mayo and a ton of it too. I charged him for how much extra Mayo he got. When I closed the sandwich Mayo just gushed out and wrapping it was awful. That was 5 years ago and I’ve still not recovered

  8. How much did you charge for the extra mayo???? Lmao especially with no meat or cheese lol this one is the best

  9. Geez, not just one horrible tattoo, but multiple...on his face........

  10. You have 4 workers?? I do this by myself almost daily it sucks but glad you have help

  11. Princess Diana. She was such a daily headline and then…

  12. Fuuck that driver mentally exploded, seeing it drive away all fast was worrysome. We all have bad days, but this one shows he actually cracked

  13. She also found out about his death through news reports. She was pregnant, went into shock and suffered a miscarriage. Super messed up Because of that, police departments around the country began implementing policies of informing the families before informing the public.

  14. Fell on my head multiple times walking home blacked out drunk. Woke up with blood all over my face and a huge gash above my eye. Went to work the next day while the gash was still bleeding under a bandaid. Got sent home, and by my house by 711 was a dude working at 711 saying "holy shit i thought you were gonna die" I remember falling on my head like crack hard and saying aww but so drunk i didnt care.

  15. I was walking home, piss fucking drunk. A get to where the street turned to a highway so no sidewalk. A little further down there's no more shoulder on the side of the road and I come to a guard rail and theres a sharp corner. I'm a smart guy, I dont want to get hit by a car. So I casually jump the guard rail. Turns out I'm not a smart guy. The guard rail was there because there's a sheer rock face about 20 feet high down to a creek. I just jumped straight down that fucker, broke my foot and gashed the shit out of my knee. Had to walk through the creek until edge to the road was low enough to climb back up and then limped another mile and a half or so to get home. And it's not like I didn't know this highway. I'd lived there for years. Sober me knew exactly what was on the other side of that guard rail.

  16. Fuuck good story. I heard drs cant sedate or give you pain reducers if you come in drunk how was that for you?

  17. Just jamming fast energenic songs having fun playing together.. the network album gave a little bit of hope, but no ballads again or high voice billie joe

  18. THANK YOU GOOD SIR, I would upvote you 100 times if I could

  19. And everyone trying to claim he is such a good guy..Cant even sign your thing after you waited 5 hours, it literally takes a second to sign, even if its weird looking.. Lost respect for the guy...

  20. Would you sign a weird looking conch with a mouth?

  21. Yes most definitely! Why be too good to do that? He probably would get more people rooting for him if did cuz it'd be funny instead of "no thanks.."

  22. How does Novak not having his own deck even relevant

  23. He claims he was a pro skater. Pro skaters have their own decks, Novak did not. He lied about being a pro skater...........

  24. Interesting thought, but I think any attempt to try to speculate on the motives of such advanced intelligence (or try to see things through their perspective) is a pointless endeavor. We would be less advanced for sure, but does that mean we would be like bugs and worms to them? We can't really know, can we?

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