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  1. Which is why faith is a practical thing of doing good works for the benefit of the world in which we live... Even if it's all made up, which I don't think it is, what's the harm in helping others, human, animal, plant and mineral?

  2. None of the shamans I know would be hexing or practising black magic. Strange eh?

  3. Yes. I found out afterwards this is coming from a group of online scammers who use baneful black magic to bully people into their services. I was able to find other testimonies online.

  4. So basically ignore their crap for what it is - crap with no basis.

  5. Nah. Some older Christians confuse modern worship music as having the "appearance of evil." Even though classical composers were very much like rock starts back in the day. And many hymns are written in their styles. It's all about the message and intention when it comes to this sort of thing.

  6. I used to love playing Mussorsky's Night on Bald Mountain to those who claimed that classical music was godly and modern was ungodly... NOBM is about a witches sabbat 🤣🤣🤣. Oh and Mozart was a playboy, etc... really loved undermining silly thinking like they exhibited.

  7. I've asked the same, they mentioned that this kind of music has a sexual motivation. Personally, I totally disagree with them.

  8. What is it with some Christians that are obsessed with sex in everything? Sounds like they're repressed to me.

  9. Oddly he said that the current pope would be the last. So unless the current pope convenes three more Vatican councils in his tenure, looks like old Nostro messed up.

  10. That's where we get the 7 day week from, Sun day, Moon day, Tuesday - Mars, Wednesday - mercury, Thursday - Venus, Friday, Jupiter - Friday and Saturn day. Tuesday through Friday are named for the Norse gods Tue, Woden, Thur or Thor and Frigg

  11. Yep, though they're about 600+ years later than the latest biblical writings.

  12. Just ask yourself: would an all powerful God want you to kill yourself, when he can do it all by himself at the click of a finger? Why make you do it, instead of him? Would a God of love want to kill you anyway, and could it be that another spirit, either your own or an external one, is trying it on in pretending to be God and asking you to do that?

  13. Actually, it was the Greeks and Romans that desecrated the temple. The decoration in the temple was instructed by God in the records of the Bible, as was the tabernacle. God instructed rich decoration for his dwelling place, not the Jews.

  14. What does it say in the original Hebrew and the meaning of those words back then when the writer first penned them?

  15. What's hilarious is that it'll massively and spectacularly backfire. This is the last trump for Trumpists who are heading over the horizon soon. Fear not, for great will be the downfall of the Trunp.

  16. Sometimes they hear the voice of the Mysterons, but mistake it for God / Jesus. I.e., lacking much discernment, they hear what their itching ears want to hear.

  17. I just noticed you call fellow Christians “crazies”. That’s a bit offensive and a step too far for my liking.

  18. Here, let me give you some bubble wrap to insulate your precious sense of offence, as it's pretty fragile.

  19. Nothing can continually be burned forever. That's why the Lake of Fire is called the "second death" of the body and soul. Annihilation is the order of the day there. The "burning" would be momentary, but it's the effects which are eternal, i.e. that which is burnt up will never, ever, exist again.

  20. It's not like your kids are going to be "high sixing" each other. However, I thunk the psychological aspect of it might be a difficulty.

  21. Those brands of church which denounce mental health issues as purely demonic and themselves demonize mental health services, counselling, CBT, psychology, antidepressants etc.

  22. As you enter paradise (third heaven, not the highest, which is the abode of God alone) for the duration between physical death and the resurrection at the final judgement, you'll not have a physical body in which to experience what you experience currently.

  23. From the Dictionary of Deities and Demons in the Bible (an academic reference, not some cooky Pentecostal / Charismania type source), the OT has a Hebrew root of 'mn, itself is neutral, meaning "that in which one puts trust". In the NT it is associated with wealth gained by dishonest means / money gained sinfully.

  24. Best one in a long time for saying it like it is regarding the social justice teachings of Jesus.

  25. Having seen Astra TR3B UAVs take off and land at an airbase near me, I'll stick with the old idea that most UAP are military aircraft or weather conditions like ball lightning.

  26. Synopsis? Usually when posting a video, it's customary to give a summary of what it contains, so people can know if it's worth watching for them.

  27. Oh, so not full on waving the tackle in kiddies faces like the OP made it sound like then?

  28. Removing bad energy usually refers to demons. Trying to cleanse them in pagan ways is witchcraft. Only God can truely remove them out of their life. And we dont need to do those things that are rooted in paganism.

  29. I suggest a conversation with a local parish priest on the use of holy water in minor exorcism of place.

  30. Magic, spells, hexes, etc. are not part of Christianity. Instead, we submit ourselves to God's power and trust in Him.

  31. Norse wouldn't dance around a maypole though. Maypole dancing was an early modern practice for villagers to enjoy a communal gathering with music and dance. As a minister in a local village, I instigated the return of maypole dancing there with the children of the school and their parents and the village joining in, as a way of bringing the whole community, which had been fractured by politics, together:

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