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  1. I said this last time, but she's making the same face Ripley made when the

  2. Yes. Like Al had the private investigator send the post the pics.

  3. When this is all over Alec will declare bankruptcy so he won't have to pay his legal defense or his pay to play media.

  4. So Alec "knew" Hannah was drugged up and yet he trusted her word about the safety of guns.

  5. Man oh man I hope Carmen pulls a stunt like one of Kellyanne Conway’s kids have done on social media. I think the risk factor is very high!

  6. My daughter is 9. Every kid is diffront, but there are at least 5 reasons why my kid would never have done what Hillary is claiming Carmen has done. At least not without being specifically asked and instructed to do.

  7. She's been here since the beginning and is one of the absolute heroes of this subreddit. If you sort by top posts, you'll see her ☕️

  8. OMG yes 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 ny post has my favorite headlines of all time

  9. Yes! Have you ever seen John Mulaney’s comedy but about their headlines?

  10. She was truly beautiful. And her style was unique, quirky and elegant in all the right ways!

  11. Man I would give anything for the leaked texts to him and her during his time on that set.

  12. I wonder if there’s any chance anything gets leaked. OR if it becomes legit public knowledge because it’s actually relevant to the case???


  14. I listened yesterday! She talked about her pregnancy, moving to California then Oregon, and of course nepotism. The host asked her “Do you feel like you’re a nepo baby?” And Ireland replied “I mean, I feel like that word is so over-said at this point, and it means what it means, and yes, of course I am” She said early on in life she was encouraged to pursue modeling and acting, and mentioned that she has done some terrible auditions. Basically the only careers ever presented to her. She said that she now has taught herself screenwriting and proper formatting, and she wants to write and tell stories. Later towards the end of the podcast she tells the story of how she got to Oregon and started her business with her partner. Sorry this comment got longer than I intended but to summarize it sounds like Ireland is a self aware young adult and she wants to be a good person, a good writer and a good mother. “What I’m most excited about really is more centered around things I really wanted in terms of stability as a child myself, that I didn’t have. What’s kind of exiting is I get to raise this little human and do things completely differently that what I was taught was the norm.”

  15. Thank you so much for posting that summary! I know some pepinos feel differently, but I’m always Team Ireland. My ex-husband reminds me a lot of Alec and I see the effects of his narcissism on our daughter every day. It’s really difficult to see the damage being done right in front of your eyes, but there’s only so much you can do about it. It’s a tough road for a daughter with an extreme Narc for a father.

  16. My husband reminds me of Alec too. Is there a support group somewhere that we can join? Stay strong.

  17. She said once that she follows booolies just to shock them 🙄

  18. Yes, I remember that post of hers! Hillary thinks she’s flexing. 🤣

  19. This is not a good look. Just when you think these people couldn’t be any more clueless. Yikes.

  20. Once again it's made clear that they can go wherever they'd like and no photographers know or care about it. Displaying that they choose to drag those poor kids out and expose them to chaos as a personal tactic and narrative for themselves. Forcing the kids to have their photos taken is as contrived as Hillary getting her boobjob out. And then they abandon the children, leaving the nannies to console and explain things to them. Meanwhile, I'm sure Alec and Hillary went out to their usual restaurant dinner before going to the poker club. They always treat themselves right.

  21. She thinks she looks good but her boobs don’t match her body. Women with big boobs also have thicker thighs and big butts. She has a real flat rear end and she’s shaped like a boy. She doesn’t have an hourglass figure. She’s not curvy. So her boobs look ridiculous with her natural body shape. Not being mean but that’s the truth.

  22. She’s Tits on a Stick. It’s not proportional and is unpleasant to the eye.

  23. The prosecutors paint a picture of a narcissist who cut every corner that could be cut, considered himself above such pedestrian concerns as firearms training, and showed complete disregard for the safety of others.

  24. I've never seen this before, either. I only had read that he refused to attend a training, or some such.

  25. I think there’s a charging document that was released detailing the reasoning for the charges. I haven’t seen it anywhere - though some news outlets seem to be quoting or referencing it.

  26. This article is 🔥 . Where is this Charging Document they speak of? Is this something that was just released? I wonder if TMZ got it ahead of time and that’s why they seem to be the only outlet reporting on the specifics in that document right out of the gate.

  27. This is the first article I've seen where they clearly pointed out he did not attend the safety training. So all those people claiming it wasn't his responsibility to make sure the gun was clear can go jump in a lake.

  28. It’s so true. I trust TMZ. I don’t necessarily like how they go about all their information gathering, but they do manage to gather the info quickly and accurately.

  29. While our little sub is gaining followers left and right. 😀😀😀

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