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  1. Sorry Smalls! That’s how they do it in the south!! You have to boil them for 3 days 😆🥜

  2. I'm in the south too, its not the boiled peanuts ( I love them) its the part about Hillary's tongue saying liiiiime 🤢

  3. Same! I like Big Larry, Larry Sr. (that one's mine), and Larry the 1st too.

  4. They come when they come. It’s so mysterious, so she needs to carry around a bump with her at all times. Just in case.

  5. I once had a fever dream that I ran into Hillary in the wild. It was one of those realistic ones where you wake and wonder if it really happened for a few seconds. I honestly don’t know what I would have done if I ran into her like you!

  6. Gosh it’s almost like this kid ISN’T five days old and they’re heavily exploiting the fact that birth certificates are private documents in New York State!

  7. I carry my pug with more maternal love. She is demented. This woman has no soul.

  8. Exactly this. I’m 5’3 and slim. Five pounds gained looks more like ten or more. Also she’s always looked like this she just filters everything so we don’t know the real her.

  9. Same here. I am naturally slender and was 100-110 my whole adult life up until ~2 years ago. Between Covid and reaching my mid-40’s (metabolism shift) I’m now 20 pounds heavier and I don’t think it’s going to go away!

  10. She’s still trying to ride the “twin train” here. Looking for all kinds of attention on the NY streets. Crazy bitch. I really feel for those two when they find out the truth. I picture Eddie fighting w Miracle Whip and Miracle Whip yells at him “ I hate you. She’s not really your twin anyway. Mom hated you and had Malibu!” Better have a family therapist on speed-dial.

  11. Yep. Kids can be cruel. Especially when they don’t understand something or are confused.

  12. I hope you didn’t mean nudge me out and fly away 😢 I’ve talked to a few fellow lawyer pepinos here recently and some don’t feel welcome. Which I totally get. People ask for explanations, we provide them from the legal POV, then we’re attacked when people don’t agree with our legal explanation.

  13. I am welcoming you!! I personally always love it when legal Pepinos give their opinions and analysis.

  14. Same. I don’t understand why they went out of their way to make a statement that doesn’t state anything definitively.

  15. Because the People of New Mexico have a right to know and contact their representatives before the money is dispersed.

  16. She’s literally trying to make this tiny living human being a Hillary 2.0. Her mini-me. This is why she desperately wanted a girl. MariLu was deemed faulty in some way by Mamí, so Hillz needed a do-over. She’s going to attach all of her traits and characteristics and likes and dislikes onto this poor child. She will live vicariously through her. Which is why this child MUST be multi, fluid, etc etc. be prepared for Hillz to use the child as a mouthpiece to berate Alec, select ‘favorite’ siblings, get booooolied, and have allllllll sorts of opinions that are exactly the opinions of Big Larr before she’s even able to form sentences. Like she’s proving a point. It is so disordered and munchhausen-y.

  17. I commend you for being open to bellygate even though you didn’t want to be! I sat on the fence for a long time before I came over to bellygate. It just seemed too outlandish, and there were some plausible explanations for some of the things she said and did.

  18. I just came here to post that remember it's always great to give your children anxiety about your own pending doom. Maybe you shouldn't have shelled out so much money for another baby.

  19. Yeah. They’re clearly talking about their money worries in front of the kids. I’m sure the kids hear bits and pieces of everything.

  20. Wouldn’t you be in crisis mode or at least huddled up with your spouse / family / support system at such a time? Is she just pretending that their lives aren’t imploding? Is she playing the violin as the Titanic sinks? Or does she really think people care about her or that she’s gonna win over the critics with how cute she and little Larrie are?

  21. I don’t wanna give TDW any clicks, can you screenshot some of the best Twitter snark?

  22. I tried to send them to you in a chat, but it’s not uploading the screenshots!

  23. They captioned a photo of the family with “The apparent scene of despair…”

  24. Is that a relatively new nanny? She’s looking a bit shell-shocked in the photos I’ve seen of her. Her eyes haven’t gone dead yet, poor thing!

  25. Hmmmm. This sounds like it could be legit. If so, who would know this information that would also be willing to share it with CDAN at this particular moment in time? Ireland? A former nanny? Aleeek himself (wouldn’t put it past him to save his own hide/face)?

  26. Probably not right away. There will be an arrest affidavit and Alec's lawyers will go to court to suppress it (and they will win, as the DA doesn't have unlimited funds).

  27. I’m giggling thinking about how the Baldwins thought this week’s news cycle would be dedicated to Yunior vs. how it’s actually going 😂😂😂

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