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  1. Does she still do this one live often? I remember someone saying that it hurts her throat to sing like this. This was the song that really made me appreciate her, but I feel like it was almost a one-off and there are no other comparable tracks. I still love all of her music, but Georgia hits different.

  2. My life is deeply impacted by your plans and choices, and I am grateful you have seen fit to share them with us. Thank you for enriching us with your wisdom and filling my life with purpose and meaning.

  3. If the Rodney King cops did it because they were racists, why did these cops do it?

  4. It's interesting to me how many people strictly assume that black people cannot be racist against black people, or that Jews can't be antisemitic, or that homosexuals can't be homophobic. It's wrong. Stop believing this. Anyone can be a bigot, and they usually are if you get to know them well enough.

  5. It's interesting to me that everyone automatically thinks this is a race issue.

  6. I don't disagree, but I think there is systemic racism ingrained in police culture. The ethnicity of the officer seems to matter less than the training and culture they're exposed to. I agree that the fundamental issue of excessive use of force is often sidelined when race is a factor, though I think they are intertwined and mostly inseparable.

  7. That scene sums up humanity really, really well.

  8. did you look into the settings (Device preferences->System->Fan mode) to see if it's on Quiet or Cool?

  9. I don't even understand why there's "Quiet" setting, the thing gets too hot and it's barely audible on "Cool" anyway. Maybe if your environment is ~50 F degrees all the time, other than that I don't get it.

  10. Was Fry Cry 6 even that good? This is why Ubisoft is struggling these days. Far Cry 3 was one of my favorite games, but 4 bored me to hell. Never heard anything good after that.

  11. It was aggressively mediocre and then enemies start respawning and it's just straight-up bad.

  12. Used to be my favorite franchise and I'd defend it with all I've got but I just can't anymore

  13. It's so weird when your brain is like "you like Far Cry" and then you play Far Cry and your brain is like "I lied."

  14. I gotta ask.. are people being serious when they say it doesn't exist? Or is this just the trend that everyone is jumping on?

  15. I think there is a game, but it's nothing like the videos we've seen and it certainly doesn't work. It's likely just going to be an inferior version of State of Decay, which itself isn't even a very good game. I expect a "Mostly Negative" rating for the first several weeks, which will then get bumped up to "Mixed", mostly because the devs paid for positive reviews but there will be no stopping the torrent of righteously-angry victims of these con artists.

  16. Nope. In Quantumania. By the hands of Kang the Conquerer. Maybe in Scott's arms. It's the ultimate irony. Scott wants more time with Cassie -> he'll never spend time with Cassie again. Would be fail story telling if she doesn't die in this movie.

  17. That is almost exactly how I see this going down, but everyone keeps telling me there's 0% chance and I'm stupid for thinking so, so I just remind myself that it's exciting because I honestly don't know and to me, that's kind of better than being 100% sure of who lives and who dies.

  18. Yea I made a whole post on it and was down voted to oblivion. I'll be back to promptly clown them when it happens, and if it doesn't? idk then maybe I'm just a better writer than professional film scripters.

  19. You're not coming across as very humble but yeah you're not wrong. It is super weird how people, in this sub especially, downvote things they don't want to happen as if the stories were democratically-decided.

  20. When it’s done on public radio they come out and say that it’s underwriting. They say something like, ‘this segment was paid for by so&so, if you want to reach our very intelligent customer base, you too can pay for underwriting and we’ll gladly do it just call this number…’

  21. Underwriting sounds so much classier than "shilling"

  22. But later they team up against Dr. Agoraphobe

  23. I saw an Internals that was about college kids working jobs for free.

  24. The one I saw definitely included payment.

  25. Fucked up the way the badly injured guy reaches for his comrades for a second before apparently remembering that they're Russian and no one is going to drag him to safety. And also there is no safety for Russians in Ukraine.

  26. That's super interesting how the second guy stopped running when he seemed to hear the drone drop the munition. Too bad the other guy kept running. (Not really: GTFO of Ukraine, assholes)

  27. Exactly. and here is your other clue.

  28. There will be riots when that footage is released. From what they're saying, and I'm genuinely shocked that they're so openly talking about it, it sounds even worse than George Floyd - more along the lines of Rodney King.

  29. I agree with your assessment: if a randomized half of all people instantly vanished, society would collapse almost immediately. In fact I would expect society to collapse if say, 10% of all people vanished. Think about it. Not only do you have things like planes literally falling out of the sky on the day of the snap, but now you have all kinds of systems that require specialists, except half of those specialists are gone. Half of governments, suddenly gone. It's not even so much that the person is vanishing - it's that they're instantly vanishing at the same time.

  30. How is this a robot? It seems like they're just moving metal around, melting it, and re-molding it. Call me when this thing can tell me "Wolfie's fine" in my mother's voice.

  31. Hope it’s not another time heist type deal. I’d rather see Kang’s variants in the present day.

  32. We're definitely gonna get Rama-Tut and En Sabah Nur imo

  33. For like one second, my stupid brain was like "Cap was in The Force Awakens?"

  34. I've been looking at TFA for like five whole minutes, and still can't remember what TFA should read as. Help a dude out, please?

  35. This is the time to voice your concerns about cancel culture and how you don't mind the actions of this dirtbag and think floating his fucking career and buying him another mansion is an appropriate response.

  36. A chain is only as strong as its weakest link.

  37. I think World of Darkness does this through a penalty system

  38. There's stuff Rowland didn't allegedly do, which was message really stupid shit to an underage girl, texting like he's a stupid kid with edgy humor and constantly calling her jailbait.

  39. Goddamn, that Apocalypse makeup gets worse and worse with each passing year. Really hope they do him right when Kang brings him into the MCU.

  40. Really need to repost this for the 10th time? Did you even bother looking at the sub?

  41. Get used to this one, it's going to get posted a lot. It's amazing, so I don't mind. I don't really get people who complain about reposts. It's not hard to ignore it, if you see that its the same person doing it over and over, just ignore them and presto - problem solved.

  42. His face appeared to be emitting smoke. I use "face" in a very loose sense, almost figuratively.

  43. I know we're all very skeptical, and we should be.

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