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  1. First of all, what kind of top is that? Did she just put her arms through it and not over her head? How does it even stay where it is, and why are her pants falling off. I think she wanted to get her pic taken for POW.

  2. I could be wrong but it seems like it's one of those backless dresses. Purely speculating though.

  3. Or a backless jumpsuit. Poor woman. But hey maybe she is happy with her look?

  4. We sadly are. Soon enough there will be only one man left with the knowledge of the toy collector who had to drive all the way to work on a Saturday.

  5. Star inflation sounds like something you'd read about in some science journal that doesn't get much elaboration on. But somehow it's a big deal.

  6. Before I answer this lemme get this out of the way. One of the sources I used to make the original version of this iceberg I couldn’t find again. So I copied what I had plus added all the new stuff I collected over time. But it said that this episode was temporarily banned in 2014 after Sony was hacked that year. It came only back a year later.

  7. How did ezma and krunk get ahead of kuzco and pacha?

  8. Was Buzz really supposed to be recalled? I know that poster exists, I just didn't think too awful much about it.

  9. There was a scrapped pitch of Toy Story 3 that would have involved Buzz being taken back to Taiwan.

  10. Without the captions it just looks like a car turns into a lady

  11. Robert Zemeckis, huh? An ImageMovers(?) Beatles film definitely wouldn't have gone over well. Kinda glad they pulled the plug.

  12. Dunno, what I find fun about YS is the experimentation. I think it would have been a fun disaster haha

  13. I thought the WAD in the last layer was made for a Doom game. I think I got Mandela'd.

  14. Yeah. It would've been a lot better if they used the actual sizes of islands and continents.

  15. You can see it in the Chronicles books, without the dragon isles, of course.

  16. Probably would be up in Orgrimmar living out the rest of his life, sworn against picking up the axes he used to slay so many. Probably would adopt an orphan from the orphanage. Living a simple life, hoping for the conflict between the Horde and Alliance to end.

  17. Well we know what happened last time taxes didn't go as planned in Stormwind.....

  18. He left Exiles reach without finishing it

  19. It seems he will make a video about it

  20. But why? If you already have BFA Pathfinder, why would you be angry at other people being able to fly in zones from 2 expansions ago? Why would anyone even care?

  21. That's a question I'm afraid I can't answer. I'm not attached enough to explain why people can be so petty.

  22. Yeah I tried asking the person I was referring to in the OP as well, and it’s just the same answer of “you have to earn it like I did”. I’m still just as confused as you.

  23. "i must suffer too....." Yeah, like WoW features don't make us suffer enough. Ever tried farming world spawns for mounts?

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