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  2. Yo, I knew about the UTAU and the Costume, but BLACK★ROCK SHADOW?

  3. A subtle reference Cameo in One Punch Man also XD

  4. Sorry if this should be common sense, but how do we get the knowledge of these trademarks?

  5. Nah, the bird makes that sound. I found out when I was camping at 14 years old.

  6. ....Now I'll never see that bird the same way again.

  7. "Change can be difficult, but it's how we grow. It can be the hardest thing to realize you can't hold on to something forever. Sometimes, you have to let it go; but, of the things you let go, you'd be surprised what makes its way back to you."

  8. You can't lose your list for hacking if you never made a list in the first place.

  9. I really need a sauce on that Medieval Knight going around horseless with a complete arsenal

  10. That, my friend, is a medieval Doom Slayer.

  11. Our Souls only break as a representation of a game over, they don't really break BREAK, you know.

  12. "Hello Professor. Nothing to report." - Gatekeeper, Fire Emblem

  13. I'm pretty sure it's George's theme, Rider System.

  14. If you are not forgetting anything, chances are they wanted an excuse to kick you out, or most likely, made a mistake.

  15. "This is ground control to Major Doggo"

  16. I’m not even an OOO fan, but it bothers me that they changed it to BaTaTo. English adaptation fandom my foot.

  17. I think they only changed the order for the sake of making it sound decent.

  18. Makes even more sense fire destroying dark type.

  19. Good to know there isn't anyone discussing about "wisdom is different from intelligence" here.

  20. Failboat chat found its way to this subreddit lol

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